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Zinfandel and Zinfardel and Zenfendal and Zinfindal (and Zinfandal?) appear in the 1830s in the US, but (apparently) not in Europe until later, though the grapes themselves came from Europe. In 2003 Charles L. Sullivan (Zinfandel: a History of a Grape and its Wine) narrated how he and others traced the California grape back (probably, I think) to Boston, to Long Island, to (near) Vienna, and finally to Croatia (maybe Dalmatia). The book is less conclusive on the name.

Online, there's a promising-looking article:

It cites, with bibliography (some available at HathiTrust) possibly-relevant Central European wine words, but in languages (Hungarian and Czech) that I don't know.  E.g., Cinifadl. The article provides some information not covered in the book. It also mentions, though, a possibility that the Haraszthy family was involved. To anyone who tries to sort this out, friendly advice: the book's Chapter 6 is "The Hataszthy Myth."

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