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> You (Jon in particular, even if the T volume of HDAS hasn’t seen the light of day) may recall the brouhaha a month ago over the deliciously
> named “taint team”, i.e. "A taint team made up of lawyers who are not involved in the underlying investigation will almost certainly be put
> in place to review the materials obtained in the raid before those materials are handed over to the prosecutorial team”
> https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/10/politics/cohen-raid-trump-attorney-client-privilege/index.html
> Fittingly, the case prompting the reference to the taint team involves the hush money Michael Cohen now concedes he paid to Stormy
> Daniels (whether or not under his client’s orders) before the 2016 election.
> As the CNN piece goes on to say, "a taint team is intended to act as a protective buffer between an individual subject to a seizure and
> prosecutors when material is seized that may be privileged. "The taint team lawyers review the documents and remove anything that is
> covered by the attorney client privilege," CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin wrote in an email. "They pass the non-attorney client
> material to the investigators, who are not 'tainted' by contact with the privileged material.”
> But there is sure to be a lot of wrangling back and forth between prosecutors and the President’s defense team over the admissibility and
> scope of such materials, and perhaps we are in for some salacious revelations.  Dare we hope for…diplotaintment?

_Indiana [PA] Gazette 15 Jul 1983 p 6 col 1
"Listening 'taint teams' -- a spookily Orwellian term -- will be able to pass information along to prosecutors or investigators only if a judge signs off on the delivery."

_Baltimore [MD] Sun_  19 Nov 1987 p 8 col 4
"Committee aides noted that a small unit of the prosecutorial staff, the 'taint team,' does have transcripts of the congressional testimony and documents, so that
a possible perjury charge might be lodged against a witness at some point in the future separate from the main inquiry."

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