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>From an article in Monday's NY Times
        “You can’t have a fusion center unless you have really cool TVs,”
quipped Lawrence Zelvin, a former Homeland Security official who is now
Citigroup’s global cybersecurity head, at a recent cybercrime conference.
“It’s even better if they do something when you touch them. It doesn’t
matter what they do. Just something.”
        Security pros mockingly refer to such eye candy as “*pew pew*”
maps, an onomatopoeia for the noise of laser guns in 1980s movies and video
arcades. They are especially useful, executives concede, to put on display
when V.I.P.s or board members stop by for a tour. Two popular “pew pew”
maps are from FireEye and the defunct security vendor Norse, whose video
game-like maps show laser beams zapping across the globe. Norse went out of
business two years ago, and no one is sure what data the map is based on,
but everyone agrees that it looks cool.


It is Mr. Nyman’s job to make sure that doesn’t happen at Mastercard.
Walking around the company’s fusion center, he describes the team’s work
using military slang. Its focus is “*left of boom*,” he said — referring to
the moments before a bomb explodes. By detecting vulnerabilities and
attempted hacks, the analysts aim to head off an Equifax-like explosio

A version of this article appears in print on May 21, 2018, on Page B1 of
the New York edition with the headline: War Rooms Help Banks On Cybercrime

Neither in the OED.


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