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> From an article in Monday's NY Times
>         “You can’t have a fusion center unless you have really cool TVs,”
> quipped Lawrence Zelvin, a former Homeland Security official who is 
> now Citigroup’s global cybersecurity head, at a recent cybercrime conference.
> “It’s even better if they do something when you touch them. It doesn’t matter what they do. Just something.”
>         Security pros mockingly refer to such eye candy as “*pew pew*”
> maps, an onomatopoeia for the noise of laser guns in 1980s movies and 
> video arcades. They are especially useful, executives concede, to put on display when V.I.P.s or board members stop by for a tour. Two popular “pew pew”
> maps are from FireEye and the defunct security vendor Norse, whose video game-like maps show laser beams zapping across the globe.
> Norse went out of business two years ago, and no one is sure what data the map is based on, but everyone agrees that it looks cool.

I am reminded of the machines that go "ping"



The stereotypical sound of gunfire, particularly when imitated by mouth:

Akron Beacon Journal (OH) - May 31, 1986 p c1 col 6 ""I heard a kid yell, "Someone is shooting at us,' " he said. "And then I heard a PEW PEW -- it was Scott shooting the air gun. I couldn't believe it.""

The act or practice of shooting guns:

Blog post 4/16/2012
"I mean, it's an SF/Mil/Espionage thriller, not Tolstoy; you're in it for the pew!pew!pew!, not the transcendental insights."

Minneapolis MN _Star Tribune_ 3 Dec 2016 p E1 col 4 "There were Stormtroopers for some pew-pew excitement, plus you got new characters -- like Chewy's son, Lumpy."

Blog post 3/25/2017
"Friday I stopped at the local tire mart and left the Zed Drei there while I walked with my range bag across the street to Indy Arms Company for some pew-pew-pew with the M&P M2.0 review gun."

Blog post 4/13/2018
"It’s $55 so not a huge drop in the bucket compared to other ways of filming your night pew pews."

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