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Benjamin Barrett wrote:
> I wasn’t sure what the squares meant. Here are some citations
>that clarify that and confirm the sexual meaning of triangles.

Benjamin: Thanks for your May 16th response to my message about:

All the Couples Were Triangles and Lived in Squares

I have now updated the entry to include an explanation of the pun and
added your name to the acknowledgement.

[Begin excerpt]
The geometric wordplay referred to the residences of the group. For
example, Leonard and Virginia Woolf lived in London's Tavistock Square
while Vanessa and Clive Bell lived in Gordon Square. It also referred
to their love lives; e.g., Duncan Grant had a child with Vanessa Bell
while she was married to Clive.
[End excerpt]

[Begin acknowledgement]
Thanks to Benjamin Barrett who highlighted the residences and love
lives of the Bloomsbury group and indicated that an explanation of the
pun would be helpful to readers.
[End acknowledgement]


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