[Ads-l] "Cool your jets" [Slight antedating to 1967]

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In case we've not done this recently ...

OED shares something from January, 1973 as its earliest example of "to cool
one's jets," with the meaning "to calm down; to become less excited or

Here are some sightings from the late 1960s.

VOCABULARY LESSON number II: If you want someone to "cool it" you must go
all out and say "cool your JETS." [From Esteban, "Action at A.H.S.," The
Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines, 28 February 1967, p. 4. Looks like Esteban
was writing about slang used at Algona High School.]

Cool your jets -- (take it easy) [From "Slang Clang," The Racine
(Wisconsin) Journal-Times, 2 August 1967, p. 4B.]

Look to soul language for this year's additions, including such expressions
as "Hang in there" (You know, encourage your teammates) and "Cool your
jets" (we used to say "Shut up.") [From "Wisconsin Teens Will Stick With
Same Fads in '69," The Wisconsin State Journal (Madison), 3 February 1969,
p. 2.]

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