[Ads-l] "mervert" for WOTY contention

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue Nov 6 21:11:54 EST 2018

As explained by Stephen Colbert on the Late Show last Friday, a mervert is a sexual harasser and/or stalker operating within the merfolk community.  Apparently mermaids (at least women; I don’t know whether it afflicts their male counterparts) who work as mermaids in entertainment venues are regularly confronted with unwanted advances from these merverts.  Here’s a posting from a thread on users group that references this insidious and possibly growing problem:


A mervert, as defined here, is
"a person who utilizing social networking or email, contacts people in the mermaid community with sexually explicit messages that are not consensual or welcomed, projects their fetish onto an unconsenting party, solicits minors or children in an inappropriate way, and is typically doing this behaviour to many people in the community. Though sometimes they make pick just one.”

Apparently it’s sometimes difficult to determine if someone qualifies as a mervert, though:


Do we still have the Least Likely to Succeed/Most Unnecessary category?

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