[Ads-l] Misnderstanding "Don Quijote"

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Also in the unpronounceable spelling department:

A couple of months ago I was at a translators' panel at the Edinburgh Book
Festival. One of the panelists was Frank Wynne, described as a translator
of many French authors, including somebody called Wellbeck. That didn't
sound very French to me, but eventually I figured out that this odd name
referred to Michel Houellebecq. I thanked Wynne for clearing up for me the
name of that writer I could never either spell or pronounce.

Pronouncing "Don Quixote" seems straightforward by comparison.

--Marc Sacks

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> <Don Quixote> [don KWICK-sit], was standard (UK?) variant, IIRC. Cf.
> <quixotic> [kwick-SAH-tick]. (Never heard [*key-HOE-tick, *key-HAH-tick])
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