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Bill Mullins wrote:
> 3/14 -- Pi Day
> 4/20 -- Marijuana Day
> 5/4 -- Star Wars Day
> 11/23 -- Fibonacci Day
> Others?

Article: 10 STEM Holidays to Celebrate in Your Class
Author:  Carolina Fransen
Date: March 13, 2016

Pi Approximation Day - 7/22
There is some controversy surrounding Pi Day, and some believe it
should be celebrated on July 22nd for the actual fraction that 3.14
represents (22/7).

Tau Day - 6/28
The controversy continues! According to a growing group of
mathematicians, Tau (6.28), and not Pi, is the more correct
mathematical constant for measuring a circle.

Square Root Day - 4/4/16
Square root day falls on days when the day of the month and the month
are the square root of the year.

Mole Day - 10/23
This day represents Avogadro’s number and is celebrated by garnering
student interest in chemistry.

Pythagorean Theorem Day - 8/15/17
We won't see another of these days until next year, so be sure to plan
ahead. Pythagorean Theorem day is celebrated on days when the month
squared and day of the month squared equal the year squared

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