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In 2014 I posted the following antedating for "dust bowl."  I opined that this Associated Press story, carried in many other newspapers as well, was probably the coinage of the term.

1935 _Reno Evening Gazette_ 15 Apr. 1/3 (NewspaperArchive)  Residents of the Southwestern dust bowl marked up another black duster today, and wondered how long it would be before another one came along.

Fred Shapiro

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The ads-l archives did not connect for me today.

Dust bowl has been mentioned here. Maybe or maybe not a slight antedating:

April 20, 1935, The Miami Herald, 7A/2-3 here 3, "Governor of Kansas [Alf Landon] describes Dust Area"
"[AP] Editor's note:[....] just back from a tour of drought and dust harried western Kansas he tells of conditions of the "dust bowl" [....]


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