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ADSGarson O'Toole adsgarsonotoole at GMAIL.COM
Thu Feb 18 15:22:10 EST 2021

Laurence Horn wrote:
> There are over a half dozen other hits for “quarter zone shot” via Google.
> I think it’s a real reanalysis/eggcorn just driven by mishearing and rationalization,
> although it’s not clear whether the writers believe there is actually a quarter
> zone located in their elbows, knees, or wherever.

Here is an August 2011 tweet containing the eggcorn. The follow-up
tweet signaled that the error was not computer mediated. The third
tweet below is the earliest match I found in twitter for the query
<<injection "quarter zone">>

Tweeter: Rikki Clarke @RikkiClarke81
Timestamp: 9:07 AM · Aug 23, 2011
[Begin tweet text]
Back home now & gutted to miss the game. Bulging disc and got a
quarter zone injection in my back at 4.30pm so hope I am good for next
[End tweet text]

Tweeter: Rikki Clarke @RikkiClarke81
Timestamp: 9:22 AM · Aug 23, 2011
[Begin tweet text]
Sorry to you all it is a cortisone injection not quarter zone lol.
Can't even blame predictive text lol.
[End tweet text]

Tweeter: David Owens @Jaberwag
Timestamp: 6:58 AM · Mar 24, 2011
[Begin tweet text]
The doctor said I could have a quarter zone injection ? don't fancy that at all
[End tweet text]


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