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OED: 1955

1950 _Camden Courier-Post_ (May 17 ) 29: Brando said Tallulah
Bankhead...called him a "weird-o."

1951 _Evening World-Herald_   (Omaha) (March 15) 34: CHORUS GIRL PARLANCE
EXPLAINED, by Earl Wilson... "Get the weirdo over there with the revolving
eyeballs." ... "Weirdo" is a weird fellow. "Revolving eyeballs" means he
drools at the practically undressed pretties."

It's probably not too weird to find a "Weirdo the Magician" operating in
Sydney in 1942:

1942 _Sydney Morning Herald_ (Oct. 17) 1: WEIRDO THE MAGICIAN The Kiddies'

But for real Weirdos, we journey to the Garden State:

1913 _Newark Evening Star_ (Apr. 4) 13:  The boys of St. Patrick's School
held their monthly reunion in the auditorium of the school. Class D
entertained with songs and recitation.s [sic] Master Louis Weirdo spoke
"When Ma Buys Her New Spring Hat" and William Barrett recited "Casey at the

1945 _Newark Star-Ledger_ (Oct. 19) 17: Lou Weirdo, substitute outside
right, booted a loose ball in from five yards out for the first tally.

1950 _Morning Call_ (Paterson, N.J.) (Aug. 23) 12: Singers Barbara Saltzman
and Mary Weirdo.


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