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I remember the shows, but not the character.

The Way of the Cliff Dwellers
Privately printed [by R.F. Seymour], 1917 - Indians of North America - 64
pages - page 24
The costuming was uniform, every _buck naked_ save for a cloth of buckskin
about the loins and richly ornamented moccasins .

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> There was a character who appeared on both Hill Street Blues and NYPD
Blue, a black guy who would disrobe inappropriately.  He'd open his
trenchcoat and yell "I'm Buck Naked!"  I think his character was listed
with that name in the credits, even, so it was his name as opposed to his
state of being (or maybe both . . .).
> Anyway, his existence settled the butt/buck naked issue as far as I'm
> ----
> More “butt” imperialism, after the now standard “butt-naked”.  Both “nip
in the butt” and “butt-naked” are in the eggcorn database, the latter as a
“nearly standard” or “nearly mainstream” reanalysis.  (
http://eggcorns.lascribe.net/english/369/butt/).  Some contributors insist
that “butt naked” is the appropriate form, to which Arnold replied:
> In response to scruss… Please notice the “nearly mainsteam” label on this
one, and remember that for a very good eggcorn, the people who use it are
absolutely convinced they’re right.
> Less standard, but also attested, is “no butts about it”, which—unlike
“butt naked” and perhaps “nip it in the butt”—is harder to rationalize. (Of
course it also occurs self-consciously as a pun.)
> LH
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