[Ads-l] "Slump lord" as eggcorn?

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Feb 20 14:16:35 EST 2021

A message appeared on our local Nextdoor board accusing a local management company of being “slump lords that only rent to certificate candidates with three to four bedroom certificate worth $1700 a month from the government.” Most of the hits on Google for "slump lords” point to an eponymous rap group.  I can imagine that to the extent that “slumlord” has becomes opaque through the loss of transparency with “slum”, maybe not as extant as it used to be before it got replaced via the euphemism treadmill, we might find nonce reanalyses of “slumlord” to “slump lord”.  The negative connotations of “slump” probably help.  

Of course, it may just have been a typo.

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