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I check Ancestry.com.  Not many people with the surname "Weirdo".  

I found one high school yearbook with the name "Ima Weirdo", and another a group picture and the caption labels a student "A. Weirdo".  I'm not 100% confident in these. .. . 

Four high school yearbooks had students apparently named "Joe Momma", and over 30 for "Joe Mama".  Nothing found for "Angie Daddy."

In 1988, "Heywood Jablome" lived about a mile off campus in Knoxville.  One of your students, maybe?

(and, of no relevance at all, when my high school took a group picture of my German class, they took the shot and then we passed around a steno pad and signed our names for the caption.  Someone signed "Pat Maweenie", and it made it through editing and production.  Later, fingers were pointed at me, suspiciously, but there was no proof . . . )

Thanks, Bill. It evidently took a long time to get lexicalized.

Now I'm wondering if the Weirdo family has changed their name.

I mean, gee....


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> >  It's probably not too weird to find a "Weirdo the Magician" operating in
> >  Sydney in 1942:
> >  1942 _Sydney Morning Herald_ (Oct. 17) 1: WEIRDO THE MAGICIAN The
> Kiddies'
> >  Favourite.
> There was a magician under the name of Weirdo performing in Chicago in
> 1926, and a card trick called "Weirdo!" was marketed in 1919.
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