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I think the author was using dictation software.  What is such software to do now that -cc- is increasingly pronounced as -ss- (as in "accessible" pronounced as "assessable")?

Personally, I think it all started with "flaccid" (with a hard /k/ sound) pronounced "flassid" (with a soft /s/ sound).  People just thought it sounded more--well, flaccid that way. Decades ago a colleague asked me how I pronounced that word--having evidently just found out that some people have a /k/ in it--and was surprised at my answer.  I'm still kicking myself for not having thought fast enough to say, "So you say 'flassid', as in 'I've been flassid ever since my assident.'"

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Opting out of the panel's paper?
In the same paragraph, the panel further wrote that the founder of Publicolor, a stay-in-school youth development program, had testified about Caplan’s “extensive” and longtime “financial and hands-on involvement with the organization assisting struggling schools and their students in poorer neighborhoods in New York City.”

*In a seceding paragraph the panel also* noted that while Caplan was in federal prison for having committed mail fraud conspiracy, he was reportedly “’a kind, caring, and humble man deeply contrite … and earnestly seeking forgiveness and redemption’ who ‘never minimized his conduct or attempted to shift the blame to someone else’ and ‘desire[d] to atone by helping others at Loretto’’” federal prison in Pennsylvania.

I imagine a spell check-o on "succeeding", though.


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