[Ads-l] He is a rascal/scalawag/SOB, but he is our rascal/scalawag/SOB

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Stephen Goranson wrote:
> That's an impressive collection. The version I may have heard
> first was with "dictator," sometimes attributed to cold war times. E.g.:

Thanks for your response, Stephen. Bonnie deserves most of the credit.
The QI article has now been updated with the following 1990 citation
with "dictator", and you are acknowledged. Visibility of the update
will be delayed because the QI website uses a distributed content
delivery network:

[ref] 1990 March, Parameters: US Army War College Quarterly, Volume
20, Number 1, Abetting Democratic Revolution in the Third World by
Alexander P. Shine, Start Page 38, Footnote 7, Quote Page 47,
Published by US Department of Army, US GPO, Washington D.C.
(HathiTrust Full View) link [/ref]


[Begin excerpt]
As we view the long succession of rightist dictators who have
fallen–Batista, Trujillo, Somoza, Marcos, etc.—it becomes increasingly
clear that the rightist solution is no solution, despite Lyndon
Johnson's cynical admonition, “He may be a dictator, but at least he's
our dictator.”
[End excerpt]


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