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Incredibly, OED has this acknowledgment of a thank-you only from 1907
(bracketed for some reason, with the first fully accepted ex. from 1960[!]).

1844 _The Bury and Norwich Post_ (Bury, Eng.) (Dec. 24) 4: I thanked you
for letting him ride, and you said, "you are quite welcome."

1849 _Arkansas Intelligencer_ (Van Buren, Ark.) (Sept. 15) 1: "And we thank
you, too." ... "You're quite welcome."

1851 H.G. Ollendorf _A Key to the Exercises in Ollendorff's New Method of
Learning to Read, Write, and Speak the French Language_  (N.Y.: Appleton)
74: Thank you. You are welcome.

1903 _Spokane Press_ (Dec. 16) 2: "Thank you, Miss Hart." "You are welcome,

1906 _The Gazette_ (Cedar Rapids, Ia.) (Jan. 12)  6: The expressions "Thank
you" and "you are welcome" from frequent use are in danger of being
formally or insincerely uttered, unless one is taken to keep in mind their


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