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This is a great discovery, improving upon my 1979 find of some years ago.  The lack of explanation of the phrase suggests that it had some currency before 1975.

As for there being a distinctive U.K. version of newspapers.com, I think what is going on here is that newspapers.com sells an incomplete version of their databases to universities, while individual subscribers can get a fuller version.

Fred Shapiro

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Thanks to Pascal Tréguer (he of wordhistories.net), who kindly informed me of his find:

  Evening Standard (London), Monday 22 September 1975, page 39, column 1:

Cheryl [...] is boxing’s leading female ringsider [...].
Sitting or standing Cheryl delivers a non-stop barrage of encouragement to Chris: “Give it the full monty,” she yells. “For Christ’s sake, Chrissie, get those bloody hammers going.”

S. Goranson

His (UK?) version of newspapers.com apparently has different coverage than the Duke U. one.

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