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As Peter noted, Detroit (the area plus Ontario) comes up a lot.
Trivia: a Detroit News headline, Mar 21, 2016, "Detroit calls mulligan on golf course management plans."
One reason I made a mistake about journalist O. O. McIntyre instead of Marvin McIntyre (and am I wrong that the latter is associated with a mulligan more than once?) is that O.O. mentioned neologisms in at least one of his columns.
Milligan can sometimes mean Irishman. Sometimes stew is a food re-use.
>From 1926, if one were to count cartoons: "Should Winnie Winkle give Mike Mulligan another chance?"

Stephen Goranson

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Stephen Goranson wrote:
> Thanks to Garson, Dan, and Dave.
> Garson. Thanks for the great 1935 article set on the
> golf course in Ontario just east of Detroit. It’s worth
> going to the clip, evidently accessible without the personal
> subscription, which uses “mulligan” again after the
> transcribed excerpt.

Here is a citation in the same newspaper in Windsor, Ontario nine days
earlier. The article describes a "Mulligan tournament".

Date: July 16, 1935
Newspaper: The Windsor Daily Star
Newspaper Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Section: The Star Sports
Article: Down Border Fairways
Quote Page 22 (8), Column 4
Database: Newspapers.com


[Begin excerpt]
Sunday a Mulligan tournament was held at Lakewood and a number of the
members made good use of the "mulligan" on each hole in addition to
half of their regular handicap. Tom Stephenson, playing with J. Ford
thought the idea of a "mulligan" a hole was a good one and came in
with a swell score, counting all shots.
[End excerpt]


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