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As one of your British members, I feel that I should comment.  The link comes up with a 404 error for me.  From the subject, I presume that you are noting the use of the phrase "in their droves".  I didn't realise that this is a particularly British expression beforehand, but the Collins Dictionary does indeed mark it as "British English".

and second one here: https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/droves

That is indeed a disastrous launch.  I know that the subject of paedophilia/ephebophilia is a sensitive one anywhere, but the British tabloids have a particular obsession with the issue.  There is no better way to enrage a large section of the population than this.

Edward Aveyard,
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Daily Beast article "'Epstein Wasn't a Pedophile:' How British Fox News Copycat's Launch Turned Into a Disaster"
from the article "...freaked advertisers have already started abandoning the network in their droves."
other quotes from the article:
It has also been relentlessly targeted by cheeky pranksters who have been trying their best to get oblivious hosts to read out obscene names. Despite only being on the air for three days, “Mike Oxlong” has already made an appearance, as well as the oldest trick in the book, “Mike Hunt.”
advertisers are running a mile
In a segment about British anti-wokists’ favorite topic, Meghan Markle...

[Lady Colin Campbell] said it wasn’t fair to call Epstein a pedophile because he tended to prey on teens, which she said actually made him an “ephebophile.”

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