[Ads-l] Antedating of "Jambalaya" by Barry Popik

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Wed Jun 30 10:50:48 EDT 2021

I see that Barry Popik has a great antedating of "jambalaya" on his great website:

jambalaya (OED 1872)

May 1849, The American Agriculturalist, pg. 161, col. 1:
Louisiana Muffin Bread.—Take two pints of flour and one and a half of sifted corn meal, two spoonfuls of butter, one spoonful of yeast, and two eggs, and mix and bake for breakfast. It is good.
Hopping Johnny (jambalaya).—Take a dressed chicken, or full-grown fowl, if not old, and cut all the flesh into small pieces, with a sharp knife. Put this into an iron pot, with a large spoonful of butter and one onion chopped fine; step and stir it till it is brown; then add water enough to cover it, and put in some parsley, spices, and red pepper pods, chopped fine, and let it boil till you think it is barely done, taking care to stir it often, so as not to burn it; then stir in as much rice, when cooked, as will absorb all the water; stir and boil it a minute or so, and then let it stand and simmer until the rice is cooked, and you will have a most delicious dish of palatable, digestible food.
Alabama, March 25th, 1849.

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