[Ads-l] "kickstand" is a verb?

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I thought I'd ask Mx. Google as well, and they showed me quite a few
examples of cyclists quite concerned about how to correctly kickstand a
bike. There's an image caption describing "A swath of properly kickstanded
bikes in Zug, Switzerland". Maybe the scientist is a bicycle enthusiast?

On Mon, Sep 20, 2021 at 11:49 AM George Thompson <george.thompson at nyu.edu>

> From the NYTimes
> The authors hypothesize this highly complex skeleton helps keep the sponge
> anchored in the soft sediments of the seafloor, which could be excavated by
> the whirling vortices. “The sponge could be kickstanded,” Dr. Weaver said.
> When I asked Mr. Google about the verb "kickstand" he got apologetic and
> asked if he could interest me in the noun instead.
> I suppose the thought here is that a stand holds something up, and if it is
> kicked away it falls, as these sponges would fall if the mud they grow on
> were to be washed away by whirling vortices of water.
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