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The OED doesn't appear to have an entry for "escape artist".

1907 Conjurers' Monthly Magazine V1N8 Apr.  264/1

This particular escape is evidently meant for a deaf audience judging by the amount of noise made by the lady escape artist in getting out, which great feat she accomplished in about five minutes.

1908 Topeka State Journal 30 Dec. 9/1

Mr. Taylor challenged Mr. Ford to escape from the manacle, making the condition that the escape artist shall not be permitted to see or examine the lock on the handcuff.


1912 The Sphinx Jul. 85/1

"Lehman," an escape artist, appeared here at the Red Men's State Pow-Wow. and released himself in a short space of time after being securely tied with rope and thrown into a lagoon of water.

1930 Billboard v42n46 15 Nov. 5/1

Gilbert Genestra, escape artist, died at a local hospital yesterday from the effects of suffocation.

1953 Boxoffice v63n12 18 Jul. 31/1

A local escape artist who possesses many of Houdini's original tricks and who is well known in New York state as a night club an theatre performer put on two stage performances at the Auburn (N.Y.) Theatre which helped to publicize "Houdini" for manager Jack Mitchell.

1953 Boxoffice v63n20 12 Sep. 34/2

Walter Wolverton, manager of the Circle, Indianapolis, engaged a professional escape artist to demonstrate an escape from a straitjacket while suspended from the flagpole of the theatre on opening day of "Houdini."

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