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So much for shorturl. I tested the first 3 shortenings in email to
myself before sending them to the list, but apparently there's some
catch. Here are the URLs in order of appearance, shortened by bitly. I
hope these work:





On 1/10/22 8:25 PM, James Eric Lawson wrote:
> I probably bit this off too short, not to mention typing "Dutch" when
> the translation (to English 'grab') is of the Danish word 'snup'. To
> expand on the shortness of my first post on this topic: in 1898
> (antedating the 1924 citations in OED) a use in The Saint Paul Globe of
> 17 May, p 7, already suggests the "misappropriation" sense:
> "The Twelfth boys had a heap of fun with a Hebrew junk man who was
> 'snooping' around the camp during the morning."
> https://shorturl.at/pBHI5
> On March 30, 1926, an article titled "The Junk Snupper" by C.R. Clifford
> appears on p 62 in The Saturday Evening Post. Among other uses of the
> phrase (see link), the article includes this:
> "...my friend, Bill Lovell, the inveterate junk snupper."
> https://shorturl.at/ilCM6
> The November 1926 issue of House Beautiful, in an article titled "Chats
> About Antiques", p 545, refers, I suppose, to the Clifford article
> (among others?), and glosses 'junk snupper' thus:
> "A 'junk snupper', it seems, is a person who pokes in all the
> out-of-the-way corners and unexpected places where rubbish and junk
> accumulate, and picks up wonderful finds that other people have overlooked."
> https://shorturl.at/ekpIO
> An article titled "Rare Old Book Displays Silhouette of Harrison" in the
> April 16, 1934 home edition of The Indianapolis Times, p 6, foregoes the
> cutsy spelling and echoes Clifford, perhaps coincidentally, while adding
> to the characterization of the snupper:
> "An inveterate 'junk snooper,' however, can rise to heights of
> enthusiasm over a rare antique even though there is no hope of owning it."
> https://shorturl.at/wLR89

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