[Ads-l] Antedating of "disc golf" to May 3, 1974

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Fred's excellent new citation for "Ultimate Frisbee" led me to think
about another sport that began with frisbees called "disc golf" ("disk

[Begin OED excerpt]
disc golf n. originally U.S. a game in which players throw a
lightweight plastic disc into each of a series of baskets on an
outdoor course . . .

1974   Daily Messenger (Canandaigua, N.Y.) 26 July 5/3   Every entrant
plays two 18-hole rounds of disc golf.
[End OED excerpt]

Here is a citation from a couple months earlier.

Date: May 03, 1974
Newspaper: The Home News
Newspaper Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Article: There'll be some out-of-this-world Frisbee tossing at Rutgers
Quote Page 5, Column 2
Database: Newspapers.com


[Begin excerpt]
There will be accuracy and distance contests, disc golf on an 18-hole
course, and throw, run, and catch competition.
[End excerpt]


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