Sudden Passing of Cath Oberholzer

Michael Pomedli michael.pomedli at USASK.CA
Sun Aug 19 14:52:43 UTC 2012

Dear Rand, My sympathy to the Oberholzer family on Cath's passing. I  
am publishing a book, Living with Animals: Ojibwe Spirit Powers, with  
U of T Press, and I refer several times
to Cath's works, and also to yours. Very helpful in the creation of  
this volume was Larry Martin.  Thanks for informing me.  The best,  
Michael Pomedli

On 18-Aug-12, at 6:39 PM, Randolph Valentine wrote:

> It is with the greatest sadness that I share with you news that I  
> just received from Dick Preston, that Cath Oberholzer passed away  
> suddenly, of undisclosed cause. We will share more information with  
> you as it becomes available to us.
> Rand Valentine
> Editor, PAC

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