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Monica Macaulay mmacaula at WISC.EDU
Tue Jul 15 23:21:19 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

We’re making slow but steady progress in improving things with the publication of the volumes.  A big accomplishment is that the series is no longer going to be treated as a journal by SUNY Press, which was confusing because there was stuff about “subscribing” that didn’t make sense.  Now we’re in the books section, which is where I think we belong.

The info on the webpages for ordering the volumes is included in the message I’m forwarding below.  One note:  PAC 42 authors will be getting a 40% author discount on the volume, but I don’t know yet how that will be handled (so if you just went and ordered it from the website I think you’d have to pay full cost, which I’m sure you don’t want to do!).  So I will let you know about that as soon as I find out (SUNY will probably be sending a message out to all the authors).

I will also put the same info on the Facebook page; apologies to those who will get it twice.

- Monica

Begin forwarded message:

> The Papers can be found as individual volumes:
> Volume 42:
> Volume 41:
> Volume 40:
> And can also be found as a series, located together:
> The stock is being transferred from our journals vendor to our book vendor this week, and our book vendor is set up to collect orders. Each volume is also available as a PDF eBook. Volume 40 is also available on Google Play, with 41 in process and 42 queued up to process.

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