[Algonquiana] Innu Grammar by L. Drapeau

Robert Brightman rbrightm at reed.edu
Thu Nov 30 11:24:58 EST 2017

Dear Professor Drapeau,

Forgive the English.  My French is improving--but not not the degree 
that I would wish to subject you to it.

If I recall correctly, you told me at the conference in Montreal of an 
Innu text involving an overwintering  pet moose, and generously offered 
to share it.  Needless to say, I would appreciate receiving it.  I have 
nothing comparable to exchange--but enclose fur trader George Nelson's 
Ojibwe pet bear cub story as partial reciprocity.

I should note that I and many of my students over the years are admirers 
of your 1986 article  "Entre le reve et la realité: le mode subjectif en 
Montagnais." If you have since written more on the /subjectif/, I would 
like the references.

Thank you and best,

Robert Brightman

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