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Robert Blust blust at hawaii.edu
Mon May 17 19:54:49 UTC 1999

Dear Marion,

How does one fill in the registration form from a SUN?  I can't find any
way to do it.  Individual languages in Indonesia/Malaysia that I have
published on include: Kelabit, Bintulu, Murik, Kayan (Uma Juman), Melanau
(Mukah), Malay, Rejang, Iban, Soboyo, Long Terawan Tring, Mongondow, and
Berawan, though of course I've published on many more in broad comparative



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> Dear fellow linguists:
>     We are currently putting together a list of linguists working on
> Indonesian and languages in Indonesia. If you would like your name added
> to the list, please fill in the registration form below.
> Name:
> First language:
> Affiliation/title:
> Mailing address:
> Contact number:
> Email address:
> Interests (geographical/specific languages):
> Interests (theoretical):
> Title of MA thesis and/or PhD dissertation
> Year obtained:
> University:
> If possible, please attach a recent CV and list of pulbication.
> Send to: <bkaswanti at fkip.atmajaya.ac.id>
> Yours sincerely,
> Bambang Kaswanti Purwo
> Universitas Atma Jaya
> Jakarta Indonesia
> bkaswanti at fkip.atmajaya.ac.id (Bambang Kaswanti)

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