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Pila Wilson pila_w at leoki.uhh.hawaii.edu
Tue Oct 21 03:03:58 UTC 2003

In Hawaiian, papa has to do with flatness and in Hawaiian geneologies is
the name of the woman who gave birth to many of the Hawaiian islands.
Papa with two long "a"s is from English and is a term for Dad, but not the
word for father.

wahi a "David Gunn" <dagunn at email.uophx.edu>:
>Hello - I'm interested in the word "papa".  I read recently that this
>word means "father" in Maori and Moriori.  I know "papa" means rock or a
>board in some Polynesian languages. I just want to know how far the word
>"papa" is used throughout Polynesia in the sense of "father" or having
>something to do with geneology.  I also want to know if the word is
>definitley of Polynesian origin as opposed to being a European loan word.
>If you'd like to answer straight to my email, you can reply to [
>mailto:dagunn at uophx.edu ]mailto:dagunn at uophx.edu
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