[An-lang] Help with Manado Malay translation

Whitney Anne Post whitneyannepost at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 29 15:07:13 UTC 2003

Dear AN-LANGers,

Are any of you familiar enough with Manado Malay to help me with a couple of

The following excerpts are taken from a conversation that I recorded several
years ago in Manado, between a man with nonfluent aphasia (that is, language
impairment due to left hemisphere stroke) and an old friend of his. The two
sentences written below were uttered by the man with aphasia.
In general, his speech was slow and effortful, with relatively short and
simple utterances. Interestingly, although his use of grammatical
free-standing and bound morphemes was spare, he employed discourse particles
such as "no" and "toh" (exemplified below) quite frequently. In addition, he
often mixed Indonesian forms into his utterances in Manado Malay.

But I digress. My specific question is, can anyone help me translate
"ba-sabuah sabuah" in the first sentence and "kris badik-badik" in the
second? I presume that "kris badik-badik" is some sort of puzzle game. Am I
completely off the mark?

Thank you all!

Yours sincerely,
Whitney Anne Postman, Ph.D.
New York University School of Medicine

1) No orang pribumi, dong ba-sabuah sabuah.
FOCUS people indigene they (ba-sabuah sabuah?)
'Indigenes, they (...?)'

2) Orang Makasar toh main-main kris badik-badik.
People Makasar DISCOURSE PARTICLE play-REDUPLICATION (kris badik-badik?)
'Makasarese, you know, play (... puzzles?)'

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