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Wed Sep 27 12:37:34 UTC 2006

Beyond 'Focus' and Ergativity: Towards a More Comprehensive View of
Austronesian Morphosyntax

Date: 13-Sep-2007 - 15-Sep-2007
Location: Berlin, Germany
Contact Person: Hans-Martin Gaertner
Meeting Email:

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Language Family(ies): Austronesian

Call Deadline: 28-Feb-2007

Meeting Description:
The Conference 'Beyond 'Focus' and Ergativity: Towards a more 
comprehensive view
of Austronesian morphosyntax is aimed at bringing together researchers 
on aspects of Austronesian morphosyntax other than grammatical relation, 
and transitivity marking. There will also be a one day special session on
'Sentence Types and Speech Act Marking in Austronesian Languages.'

Invited speakers are:
Isabelle Bril (CNRS, Paris)
Daniel Kaufman (Cornell University)
Paul Kroeger (GIAL, Dallas)
Ulrike Mosel (University of Kiel)

There will be an additional lecture by:
Malcolm Ross (ANU Canberra)

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