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Hi friends and colleagues,


A major implication of globalization is that the majority of world languages
are vulnerable to decline or extinction.  For the first time, an ambitious
attempt is being made to document the vitality level of every language in
the world.  This will be displayed in the upcoming edition (17) of The
Ethnologue, Languages of the World.  A modified framework for reporting
vitality (the Expanded Graded Intergenerational Disruption Scale or EGIDS)
will be used.


But publications like Ethnologue are only as good as the information in
them.  Until now, collection of language vitality information in Ethnologue
has been inconsistent.


A colleague and I have set up a temporary website, focused on the 800+
languages of Indonesia and Malaysia, where much language shift is occurring.
We need your input!  If you are aware of the language vitality of one or
more languages here, please share your feedback.  The process is quite
straightforward and unless you have information on many languages, it will
not take much time.  Go to
<> to contribute.


If you have questions or problems, please email NusantaraEGIDS at 


We have an initial deadline of April 7, so feedback before then would be
most appreciated.  I'll post a summary of our results on this list after
that date.


Thank you,

Karl Anderbeck 



P.S. We have some fascinating data already.  Our best data so far concern
Sulawesi.  Take a look!

P.P.S. Please pass on this email to others who may have information.  We
hope to post this request also on the Papuan Languages list and Masyarakat
Linguistik Indonesia.  Any other suggestions?


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