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Christopher Sundita csundita at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Thu Mar 24 16:54:19 UTC 2011


I will be getting my BA in linguistics in June, and so I have been looking into graduate programs in linguistics.

Austronesian languages (specifically Philippine ones) remain a large part of my research interests. As far as linguistics itself is concerned, I am interested mainly in phonetics, phonology, morphology, and historical/comparative linguistics. I also have some interest in sociolinguistics, particularly with dialectology & multilingualism.

I have a list of schools that I'm looking into, UH Manoa among them. But if you know of any schools that may fit my interests, I'd appreciate your recommendations. I'm considering universities here in the US and Canada, but if there are any outside North America that are worth looking into, I'm open to them as well (ANU comes to mind).

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Christopher Sundita
Senior, Linguistics
Student Specialist
Monographic Acquisitions, Suzzallo Library
University of Washington, Seattle

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