Follow up to: Austronesianizing our office space with maps... Suggestions?

Christopher Sundita cas536 at CORNELL.EDU
Thu May 1 16:01:02 UTC 2014

Just following up on my post from March about Austronesians maps.  Thanks
to David Mead, Roger Mills, Kerim Friedman, Ken Cook, and anyone else I may
have forgotten who wrote me with their suggestions.

To summarize, here are the suggestions that I received, in case it's
helpful to any of you:

Philippine Language map:

1894 map of Celebes:
1914 map of Celebes:

Other maps:

A past issue of National Geographic had a pretty good map of the Polynesian

Ethnologue Maps:
Thanks again, and maybe I'll see some of you at AFLA later this month.


Christopher Sundita
Graduate Student, Linguistics

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Subject: Austronesianizing our office space with maps... Suggestions?
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I was discussing with a friend & fellow Austronesianist colleague in
our phonetics lab about hanging up a couple of Austronesian language maps
in our workspace.

We were thinking of putting up somewhat detailed yet eye-catching maps of
the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan (what he and I more or
less focus on).   But we would also like to put up a general Austronesian
migration map of some sort.

There are a few candidates that we found via Google Images, but if there
are other sources that we should definitely consider, please do let us
know. We'd appreciate your recommendation! :-)

--Chris Sundita
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