[An-lang] New SIL PNG publication: Gumawana Participant Referencing (Clif Olson)

René van den Berg r.vandenberg at sil.org.pg
Tue Jan 13 10:03:50 UTC 2015

SIL Papua New Guinea is happy to announce the publication of Participant
Referencing in Gumawana Narrative by Clif Olson, volume 60 of the series
Data Papers on Papua New Guinea Languages.


Gumawana is a small Oceanic language belonging to the Papuan Tip linkage,
spoken by some 470 people on the Amphlett Islands, north of Fergusson Island
in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. A grammar sketch of Gumawana was
published by Olson in 1992 (Pacific Linguistics A-82).


This 289-page monograph is a detailed analysis of partipant reference in
narrative discourse. How are participants introduced? How is reference to an
active participant maintained? How are participants reactivated? How are
participants treated in quote margins? The various grammatical and lexical
categories that the language has at its disposal are carefully examined and
amply illustrated. These include a discussion of zero anaphora, pronominal
affixes, independent pronouns, full pronouns, noun phrases, the thematic
marker -ya, the numeral tayamo 'one', as well as overt plural marking. The
author arrives at a number of rules for default coding, and also
investigates cases where there is less or more marking than expected. Six
interlinear texts with free translation complete the description. 


This is one of the first detailed studies of participant referencing in an
Oceanic language and a welcome addition to the body of Austronesian
discourse studies.


The book can be downloaded for free at:



Printed copies are available for sale from Miss Rudy Yawiro at
<mailto:lr-webpub at sil.org.pg> lr-webpub at sil.org.pg.


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