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1) Subject:Etymology and 'timeline' of Salibi for 'crusader'

Date: 16 Mar 2007
Subject:Etymology and 'timeline' of Salibi for 'crusader'

I received the following request for information from a non- 
subscriber.  If you could send me any answers or comments, I will  
compile them for the list and send them to the person who made the  

Medieval sources refer to the Crusaders as "al Franj" ("the Franks").  
At what point does Arab culture make the transition to using the term  
"Salibi"? Bernard Lewis mentions the vocabulary transition as a  
response to colonialism (which I suppose places it in the late 19th/ 
early 20th century) but only in a sort of off-handed way.

Can you point me towards a more detailed entymology (preferably in  
I would appreciate any assistance you could offer.

Gerry Watkins

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