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Brian MacWhinney macwhinn at
Fri Mar 2 07:21:29 UTC 2001

Dear Info-CHIBolts,
  This is a note about a new CLAN feature.  Actually, the feature has been
in the program for several months, but I had not yet documented and
announced it.  The feature applies only to the COMBO program and is
controlled by a +d4 switch.  It can be used to add specific codes to files
or a whole collection of files on the basis of a certain COMBO match.  Here
are the relevant sentences from the manual on this:

Adding Codes with COMBO

Often researchers leave a mark in a transcript indicating that a certain
sentence has matched some search pattern.  For example, imagine that you
want to locate all sentences with a preposition followed immediately by the
word ³the² and then tag these sentences in some way.  You can use the COMBO
+d4 switch to do this.  First, you would create a file with all the
prepositions (one on each line) and call it something like prep.cut.  Then
you would create a second support file with this line:

"@prep.cut^the" "$Pthe" "%cod:"

The first string in this line gives the term used by the standard +s search
switch.  The second string says that the code produced will bye $Pthe.  The
third string says that this code should be placed on a %cod line under the
utterance that is matched.  If there is no %cod line there yet, one will be
created.  The COMBO command that uses this information would then be:

combo +s"combo.cut" +d4 filename.cha

The resulting file will have this line added:

%cod:    $Pthe

You can include as many lines as you wish in the combo.cut file to control
the addition of additional codes and additional coding lines.  Once you are
done with this, you can use these new codes to control better inclusion and
exclusion of utterances and other types of searches.

--Brian MacWhinney

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