including/excluding @fp and generating new files

Brian MacWhinney macw at
Thu Dec 5 17:15:45 UTC 2002

On 12/5/02 2:57 AM, "Sophie and Yiannis Georgiou" <yiansoph at>

> Hi to all!
> I'm a new user of CLAN.
> I have used the symbol @gr after words
> that are greek (the main language of the
> transcripts is English). How do I create
> a new file for @gr to get CHECK to accept
> it as a symbol and for MLT and MLU to count
> the words?
> I'm also interested in both including them
> and excluding them. How can I get the
> programme to exclude these words?
> This also goes for the @fp symbol which I've
> used for filled pauses. How can I run MLU
> and MLT exluding these from the count?
> Sophie

Dear Sophie,

  You should use the symbol @s  for second language.  In the new XML
framework for CHAT, we have to be more restrictive about the shape of codes,
so you can't just use @gr or some extension you create.  Older versions of
CLAN allowed this using the 00depadd.cut file, but new versions do not, so
now you must use @s.
 To exclude your @s words in the various programs, you typically use the
-s"*\@s" switch which should exclude all words ending in @s.  If you want to
exclude filled pauses such as um, you should mark them as um at fp and exclude
them in a similar manner.  By default @fp and @s are included, unless you
specifically exclude them.  The rules on default exclusions in MLU are
complex and it is always best to consult the manual carefully when doing
these analyses.


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