The move to Unicode

Brian MacWhinney macw at
Fri Nov 15 01:10:13 UTC 2002

Dear Info-ChiBolts,

  We have been making really serious changes in the database over the last
two months.  The biggest change is the shift to Unicode.  Except for
English, all files on the server are now in Unicode.  To accommodate this,
Leonid is also slowly modifying the CLAN editor so that it can handle
Unicode.  Currently, the Macintosh version is fully operative.  However, the
Windows version is not.  Leonid will implement basic Unicode functionality
for the Windows editor in the next few days.  However, he expects some bumps
during this transition, so please feel free to post editor and font problems
to this list.  Note that we are now assuming that anyone who uses new
versions of CHILDES data from the server has the Arial Unicode font
installed and is using a version of CLAN that is no older than Spring 2002.
Some newer computer systems come with Unicode installed, but in most cases
you will need to get the font from the CHILDES server.

--Brian MacWhinney

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