question re mor command output

Diane Pesco dpesco2 at
Tue Nov 4 16:41:15 UTC 2003

Dear colleagues,

I am running the clan command:
mor +t*CHI +s"[+ inc]" filename

This gives analysis on only postcoded utterances, but the postcode also
then appears on the output as in bold below..
*CHI:    he wants a ball . [+ inc]
%mor:    pro|he&MASC v|want-3S det|a v|ball^n|ball . ?|[+ inc] [+ inc]

Is there a way to prevent the mor program recognizing the postcode as
something to be analyzed?
I know I could run a kwal first then run mor or simply globally replace
the postcode on the mor line with nothing but if there's a switch that
would obviously be better ...

Thanks in advance.
Diane Pesco

Diane Pesco
School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
McGill University

email     dpesco2 at
phone     514-398-4102

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