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Leach, Diane (NIH/NICHD) leachd at
Thu Nov 20 17:02:45 UTC 2003

Hi there.

Does anyone know how I can neutralize the information following the & symbol
(&ZERO, &PAST, &PERF) that was created from running MOR and POST in my word
list when running FREQ?  I am already using +s"%|*-%%" and +s"%|*~%%" to
neutralize the part of speech and anything following the dash or tilda, but
I am still getting the &Endings.  I have tried adding +s"%|*&%%" and it
didn't work.  The command line I was using to get rid of the info after the
dash and tilda is below.

freq +u +k -t* +t*MOT +t*CHI +t%mor +s"%|*-%%" +s"%|*~%%" "*.mor.pst"

Also, does anyone know of a way to ignore proper nouns without using a -s
switch (CLAN won't let me use a -s and a +s switch in the same command



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