mlt in CLAN

NOGUCHI Takuya n071316 at
Wed Mar 9 10:13:34 UTC 2005

Dear all info-chibolts members,

  For some data such as t930930.cha in (*1), we cannot get wrong
numbers such as "-1" when using "mlt" command. How can I get the source code of
CLAN in order to fix the bug?

Thanks in advance.

> mlt +t*TAI +s"tte" @
mlt +t*TAI +stte @
Wed Mar 09 19:00:11 2005
mlt (28-Jan-2005) is conducting analyses on:
  ONLY speaker main tiers matching: *TAI;
>From file <c:\childes\clan\miyata-tai\t930930.cha>
MLT for Speaker: *TAI
  MLT (xxx and yyy are INCLUDED in the utterance and morpheme counts):
    Number of: utterances = -1, turns = 0, words = 0


NOGUCHI, Takuya <n071316 at>
 Division of Natural Sciences, International Christian University

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