replace from file function

Anna Gudmundson anna.gudmundson at
Wed Nov 21 21:01:37 UTC 2007

Thanks a lot! It works perfectly. It's a great feature.


On Nov 21, 9:18 pm, Leonid Spektor <spek... at> wrote:
>     Unfortunately the format of editor's replace file is not the same as
> CHSTRING's replace file. In editor's replace file you place one string per
> line. The first line has a string to search for and the next line has
> previous line's replacement string. For example:
> % an example replacement file
> Search string
> Replacement string
> Original word
> New word
>     The percent character is used to denote a comment, so any line that
> starts with '%' character is ignored by the program. This format was chosen
> to allow for long string to be specified. CHSTRING works on words, but
> editor's replace command allow to replace long strings.
> Hope this helps,
> Leonid.
> On 21-11-07 14:59, "Anna Gudmundson" <anna.gudmund... at> wrote:
> > Dear chibolts members
> > I'm having some trouble using the "replace from file" function in
> > CLAN. After having chosen the "replace" command under the Edit menu, I
> > choose the "from file" option. I then locate my Replace file named
> > replace.cut. This file has been created in the same way as the files
> > used to change items with the CHSTRING command, i.e. "ciaoo" "ciao",
> > where the second string should replace the first one. When I do this I
> > get the following error message: "missing replace part of search-
> > replace pair in file C:\CHILDES\CLAN\lib\replace.cut". I've been
> > trying to separate the strings with a tab, and also with a space, but
> > the program doesn't seem to like it! Does anyone know if this function
> > is working? I'm using the Windows version of CLAN.
> > Thanks in advance
> > Anna
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