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Nicole Tracy-Ventura nicole.tracy.ventura at
Fri Nov 7 11:10:28 UTC 2008

Has anyone worked with the Spanish MOR?  I'm having trouble when I do the
+xl to check for unknown words.  The output file I get lists words that are
already in the lexicon.  These words are all verbs - some in the infinitive,
some in 3rd person sing, plural, with clitics, etc.  It does recognize some
verbs in the transcript so I can't figure out why it doesn't with this other
group.  I've tried deleting those verbs and putting them in again, as well
as putting them in a new file, but they keep showing up on the .ulx file.
I've also downloaded the newest version of the Spanish MOR and it's the same
thing.  I'd be grateful for any suggestions.
Many thanks, Nicole

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