problem with chat2xml

Ann Peters ann at
Thu Nov 27 23:12:51 UTC 2008

Dear Brian and/or Leonid,
I downloaded the latest CLAN and am having trouble with the new (.)
convention for pauses. The attached filed passes the regular CHECK, but it
generates the attached error file when I run chat2xml-1.0-alpha-8.
Do you need to update chat2xml as well?
thanks for any insight, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Co-Graduate Chair         
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@Color words:	%com 1 0 32896 16448 %pho 1 32896 0 0 %tim 1 65535 0 0 *CHI 1 0 0 65535 
@Languages:	en
@Participants:	CHI Seth Target_Child, FAT Father
@ID:	en|peters|CHI|1;6.07||||Target_Child||
@ID:	en|peters|FAT|||||Father||
@Date:	25-APR-1982
@Situation:	at home
@Coder:	EI, AMP
@Situation:	Sunday afternoon; D is feeding S; the first 8 sec S is
	pounding his spoon; tape 18.1a, 820425a
*FAT:	yes you better eeat at c . %snd:"820425a"_14093_15493
%flo:	/yeah you /better e-eat
%tim:	0:14
%com:	3.5 sec; pounding
*FAT:	 got your spoon ? %snd:"820425a"_19011_20183
%flo:	gotcher /spoon
%tim:	0:19
%com:	1.6 sec, clatter
*FAT:	an(d) everything. %snd:"820425a"_21638_22590
%flo:	an' /e:vrything
%tim:	0:21
%com:	clatter
*FAT:	 hang on , that (i)s alright. %snd:"820425a"_22883_23829
%flo:	/hang on /thats alright
%tim:	0:22
%com:	2.6 sec silence
*FAT:	 today is April the twenty fifth. %snd:"820425a"_26438_28226
%flo:	to/day is /april'la twen'y /fifth
%tim:	0:26
*FAT:	Sunday afternoon. %snd:"820425a"_28220_28957
%flo:	/sunday afternnon
%tim:	0:28
%com:	2.9 sec, sniff
*FAT:	 you were there. %snd:"820425a"_31929_32766
%flo:	/you were /there
%tim:	0:31
*FAT:	 an(d) you got your bowl. %snd:"820425a"_32755_33765
%flo:	an' /you gotcher /bowl
%tim:	0:32
%com:	pause
*FAT:	 food right in front of you. %snd:"820425a"_34217_35367
%flo:	/food /right'in /front'of ya
%tim:	0:34
%com:	more tapping; 4.6 sec
*FAT:	 (i)s it good ? %snd:"820425a"_39712_40235
%flo:	s'it /good
%tim:	0:39
*FAT:	Mommy made you good food. %snd:"820425a"_40200_41314
%flo:	/mommy madeju good food
%tim:	0:40
%com:	2.4 sec
*FAT:	spoon (i)s not even dirty. %snd:"820425a"_43597_44520
%flo:	/spoon's not even /dirty
%tim:	0:43
*FAT:	y(ou)  threw it on the floor once already. %snd:"820425a"_44514_45994
%flo:	ya/threw'it on.the /floor /once already
%tim:	0:44
*FAT:	whole bowl. %snd:"820425a"_46337_47254
%flo:	/who:le /bowl
%tim:	0:46
%com:	5.3 sec
*CHI:	ntuu at c? %snd:"820425a"_52494_53580
%pho:	��n/tu:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	0:52
%com:	asking to get down; 1.1 sec
*FAT:	no, I want you to eat. %snd:"820425a"_54715_55731
%flo:	/no I /wantchu ta /eat
%tim:	0:54
*FAT:	you stay there an(d) eeat at c . %snd:"820425a"_55720_57003
%flo:	you stay /there an' e/eat
%tim:	0:55
*FAT:	okay? %snd:"820425a"_57154_57722
%flo:	o/kay
%tim:	0:57
%com:	31.5 sec silence except for a sniff, then some scrapes
*FAT:	you sure turned quiet when Daddy turned on the tape recorder. %snd:"820425a"_89150_91553
%flo:	ya /sure turned /quiet when daddy /turned'on'the /tape recorder
%com:	1.6 sec
%tim:	1:29
*FAT:	you tell me about Kitty? %snd:"820425a"_93214_94142
%flo:	you /tell'me'a/bout /kitty
%com:	0.6 sec
%tim:	1:33
*CHI:	Teddy . %snd:"820425a"_94677_95321
%pho:	/t��di:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	1:34
%com:	1.2 sec
*FAT:	an(d) your Mommy. %snd:"820425a"_96547_97272
%flo:	an'y'r /mommy
%tim:	1:36
%com:	0.5 sec
*CHI:	Ditn at c . %snd:"820425a"_97830_98311
%pho:	/d��dn
%tim:	1:37
%com:	his word for Mommy
*FAT:	an(d) Zack. %snd:"820425a"_98689_99501
%flo:	an' /Zack
%tim:	1:38
%com:	1 sec
*CHI:	Ditn at c . %snd:"820425a"_100523_101249
%pho:	/����dn
%spa:	$R
%tim:	1:40
%com:	0.9 sec
*FAT:	but how (a)bout Zack ! %snd:"820425a"_102131_103229
%flo:	but /how'bout /zack
%tim:	1:42
%com:	'Zack' is very loud; Zack and Lady are dogs at Mommy's house; 0.8 sec
*CHI:	n at fs Zack. %snd:"820425a"_104001_105092
%pho:	n /s��k
%spa:	$IM
%tim:	1:44
%com:	0.5 sec
*FAT:	an(d) Lady . %snd:"820425a"_105591_106148
%flo:	an' /lady
%tim:	1:45
*FAT:	wha(t)[/] how (a)bout Lady . %snd:"820425a"_106137_106886
%flo:	wha- /how'bout /lady
%tim:	1:46
%com:	1.2 sec; S pants like a dog
*FAT:	(i)s (th)at what Lady does . %snd:"820425a"_108105_109144
%flo:	z'at what /Lady /does
%tim:	1:48
%com:	1 sec, rattle
*CHI:	chip at c . %snd:"820425a"_110066_110612
%pho:	t��p
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	1:50
%com:	0.5 sec
*FAT:	chip at c , there (i)s the tape recorder. %snd:"820425a"_110948_112336
%flo:	/chee /there's'the /tape recorder
%tim:	1:51
%com:	1 sec
*FAT:	watch some food on it. %snd:"820425a"_113392_114252
%flo:	/watch some /food on'it
%tim:	1:53
%com:	2.3 sec silence
*CHI:	no? %snd:"820425a"_116586_116911
%pho:	/no
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	1:56
*FAT:	did we see a tree outside ? %snd:"820425a"_117363_118577
%flo:	did'we see'a /tree out/side
%tim:	1:57
%com:	5.3 sec silence
*FAT:	did we see trees outside ? %snd:"820425a"_123869_125204
%flo:	did we see /trees outside
%tim:	2:03
%com:	4.7 sec
*CHI:	tree. %snd:"820425a"_129969_130455
%pho:	��i
%spa:	$IM
%tim:	2:09
*CHI:	tree. %snd:"820425a"_130571_130838
%pho:	��i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	2:10
*CHI:	tree ? %snd:"820425a"_131285_131610
%pho:	����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	2:11
%com:	0.7 sec
*CHI:	tree ? %snd:"820425a"_132306_132637
%pho:	����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	2:12
*CHI:	tree? %snd:"820425a"_132956_133263
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	2:13
*CHI:	tree. %snd:"820425a"_133600_134065
%pho:	����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	2:13
%com:	D sniffs at the same time
*CHI:	tree. %snd:"820425a"_134070_134372
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	2:14
*CHI:	tree. %snd:"820425a"_134750_135075
%pho:	tH
%spa:	$T
%tim:	2:14
%com:	1.4 sec
*FAT:	did we go in the swing? %snd:"820425a"_136456_137873
%flo:	did'we /go'in'the /swi:ng
%tim:	2:16
%com:	3.5 sec
*FAT:	do you like to push in the swing ? %snd:"820425a"_141230_142525
%flo:	do'you /like'ta /push'in'th' /swing
%tim:	2:21
%com:	10.9 sec silence
*CHI:	ihiy at c . %snd:"820425a"_153374_154110
%pho:	/e/hi
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	2:33
%com:	what he says when he feels D's hair, 1.2 sec, chair noise
*FAT:	there (i)s Daddy's hair. %snd:"820425a"_155015_155950
%flo:	/there's daddy's /hair
%tim:	2:35
%com:	softly; 2.5 sec clatters
*CHI:	chip at c. %snd:"820425a"_158423_159009
%pho:	/����p
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	2:38
%com:	pause
*FAT:	there (i)s the tape recorder. %snd:"820425a"_159390_160417
%flo:	/there's'the /tape recorder
%tim:	2:39
%com:	2.2 sec, clunk
*CHI:	tape . %snd:"820425a"_162594_163204
%pho:	t��p
%spa:	$IM
%tim:	2:42
%com:	2.3 sec
*FAT:	an(d) do n(o)t sat that bad word. %snd:"820425a"_165362_166941
%flo:	an' /do:nt say that /bad /word
%tim:	2:45
%com:	an old routine
*CHI:	shit. %snd:"820425a"_166999_167638
%pho:	������
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	2:46
%com:	4.2 sec, bird, rattle
*CHI:	eeat at c ! %snd:"820425a"_171743_172834
%pho:	i/i-t
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	2:51
%com:	then they speak together
*FAT:	yes, that (i)s right. %snd:"820425a"_172828_173583
%flo:	/yeah thats /right
%tim:	2:52
*CHI:	eeat at c. %snd:"820425a"_172933_173525
%pho:	/i/it
%spa:	$R
%tim:	2:52
*FAT:	that (i)s right. %snd:"820425a"_173614_174165
%flo:	thats /right
%tim:	2:53
*FAT:	you eeat at c . %snd:"820425a"_174171_175047
%flo:	you e/eat
%tim:	2:54
%com:	0.8 sec
*CHI:	guy ! %snd:"820425a"_175735_176484
%pho:	/ga-i
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	2:55
%com:	pause
*FAT:	you little guy. %snd:"820425a"_176571_177569
%flo:	/you little /guy
%tim:	2:56
*FAT:	your Mommy taught you to say little guy. %snd:"820425a"_177546_179537
%flo:	your /mommy /taught'chu ta say little /guy
%tim:	2:57
%com:	1.2 sec
*CHI:	guy. %snd:"820425a"_180734_181337
%pho:	/ga-i
%spa:	$R $IM
%tim:	3:00
*FAT:	guy. %snd:"820425a"_181500_182086
%flo:	/guy
%tim:	3:01
%com:	2 sec
*CHI:	eeat at c. %snd:"820425a"_184173_185380
%pho:	/i/itH
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	3:04
*FAT:	eeat at c . %snd:"820425a"_184881_185589
%flo:	e/eat
%tim:	3:04
%com:	echo S
*FAT:	d(oe)s your Mommy call you Buddy? %snd:"820425a"_185583_186721
%flo:	ds y'r /mama call you /buddy
%tim:	3:05
%com:	1.7 sec
*FAT:	does your Mommy call you Buddy? %snd:"820425a"_188486_189850
%flo:	does y'r /mama call you /buddy
%tim:	3:08
%com:	6.8 sec silence
*CHI:	Buddy. %snd:"820425a"_196573_197514
%pho:	/b��-i
%spa:	$IM
%tim:	3:16
*FAT:	good for you ! %snd:"820425a"_197694_199081
%flo:	/good f'r /you
%tim:	3:17
%com:	surprised at how well S said that; 1.9 sec
*FAT:	you imitate so well. %snd:"820425a"_200725_202008
%flo:	you imitate so /well
%tim:	3:20
%com:	2.6 sec
*CHI:	n at fs Buddy ? %snd:"820425a"_204600_205366
%pho:	m /ba-i
%spa:	$R+
%tim:	3:24
%com:	0.7 sec
*FAT:	yes ? %snd:"820425a"_206022_206521
%flo:	uh/huh
%tim:	3:26
%com:	0.6 sec
*CHI:	a at fs Buddy. %snd:"820425a"_207154_207932
%pho:	��~ /ba-i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	3:27
*FAT:	that (i)s good. %snd:"820425a"_208199_208994
%flo:	that's /good
%tim:	3:28
*FAT:	that (i)s real good. %snd:"820425a"_208994_209969
%flo:	that's /real good
%tim:	3:29
%com:	3 sec silence
*CHI:	knockknock at c. %snd:"820425a"_212945_213909
%pho:	n��k/na
%spa:	$SONG
%tim:	3:32
%com:	fried voice, an old routine
*FAT:	who (i)s there . %snd:"820425a"_213897_214704
%flo:	who's /there
%tim:	3:34
*CHI:	da_who at c. %snd:"820425a"_214866_215749
%pho:	/da/u-u
%spa:	$SONG
%tim:	3:34
%com:	0.7 sec
*FAT:	da_who at c . %snd:"820425a"_216486_217322
%flo:	da/who-o
%tim:	3:36
%com:	1.5 sec silence
*CHI:	xxx. %snd:"820425a"_218768_219400
%pho:	m��/he
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	3:39
%com:	rattle of highchair; 0.6 sec
*FAT:	there (i)s your foot. %snd:"820425a"_220039_220886
%flo:	there's y'r /foot
%tim:	3:40
%com:	more rattle of highchair; 0.6 sec
*FAT:	there (i)s your foot. %snd:"820425a"_221409_222210
%flo:	there's your /foot
%tim:	3:41
%com:	softer; 3.1 sec
*CHI:	ntuu at c ? %snd:"820425a"_225308_226377
%pho:	n/tu-u
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	3:45
%com:	2.4 sec
*FAT:	I want you to eat. %snd:"820425a"_228832_229749
%flo:	I wantchuta /eat
%tim:	3:48
%com:	0.8 sec
*FAT:	eeat at c. %snd:"820425a"_230486_230968
%flo:	/e/eat
%tim:	3:50
%com:	15 sec silence
*FAT:	didldow at c . %snd:"820425a"_246375_247536
%flo:	/doodidi/yoo
%tim:	4:06
%com:	high pitch; effort sound, moving the highchair
*FAT:	g(onna) move that . %snd:"820425a"_247501_248192
%flo:	ga/move /that
%tim:	4:07
*FAT:	g(onna) move that highchair a little bit. %snd:"820425a"_248192_249498
%flo:	ga /move that /highchair'a li'l /bit
%tim:	4:08
%com:	2.4 sec
*CHI:	chair [?]. %snd:"820425a"_251919_252413
%pho:	/t��:
%spa:	$IM
%tim:	4:11
%com:	1.5 sec noises
*CHI:	chair [?]. %snd:"820425a"_253934_254473
%pho:	/tu-u
%spa:	$R
%tim:	4:13
%com:	1.4 sec noises
*CHI:	shisha at c . %snd:"820425a"_255824_256886
%pho:	/��������:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	4:15
%com:	his word for 'thirsty'; 0.8 sec
*CHI:	shisha at c . %snd:"820425a"_257664_258512
%pho:	/������a:
%spa:	$R
%tim:	4:17
%com:	4.2 sec
*FAT:	y(ou) want some juice . %snd:"820425a"_262689_263504
%flo:	y' want's'm /juice
%tim:	4:22
*FAT:	I (wi)ll get you a little glass o(f) juice then . %snd:"820425a"_263504_264978
%flo:	I'll /getchu'a lil glass'a /juice then
%tim:	4:23
%com:	3.4 sec, rustles
*CHI:	chip at c . %snd:"820425a"_268452_269107
%pho:	/����p
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	4:28
%com:	11 sec silence and rustles
*CHI:	guy. %snd:"820425a"_280175_280999
%pho:	/ga:-i��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	4:40
%com:	0.6 sec
*CHI:	guy. %snd:"820425a"_281598_282173
%pho:	/ga:i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	4:41
%com:	1.2 sec
*FAT:	little guy. %snd:"820425a"_283328_284001
%flo:	little/guy
%tim:	4:43
*FAT:	here. %snd:"820425a"_283983_284187
%tim:	4:43
*FAT:	here some Martinelli's sparkling apple cider. %snd:"820425a"_284320_286218
%flo:	here s'm /martinellis /sparkling /applecider
%tim:	4:44
%com:	noise; 5.2 sec rustles and bumps
*FAT:	you gon(na) to sit up straight. %snd:"820425a"_291320_292307
%flo:	you /gon' sit'up /straight
%tim:	4:51
*FAT:	there. %snd:"820425a"_292267_292690
%tim:	4:52
*FAT:	sit up straight. %snd:"820425a"_292656_293317
%flo:	/sit'up /straight
%tim:	4:52
%com:	birds singing in backgroynd; 7.5 sec
*FAT:	here (i)s your cup? %snd:"820425a"_300725_301386
%flo:	here's'yr /cup
%tim:	5:00
%com:	0.6 sec; then they speak together
*FAT:	with apple cider. %snd:"820425a"_301909_302594
%flo:	with /applecider
%tim:	5:01
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_302013_302257
%pho:	n��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	5:02
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_302710_303174
%pho:	no
%spa:	$R
%tim:	5:02
*CHI:	xxx ? %snd:"820425a"_303238_304150
%pho:	nono/be
%spa:	$IV
%tim:	5:03
%com:	3.3 sec
*CHI:	cup. %snd:"820425a"_307254_308148
%pho:	ka:p
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	5:07
%com:	 6.3 sec, clatter
*FAT:	you drink so well with the little pinky stuck up ? %snd:"820425a"_314251_316144
%flo:	you /drink so /well with'th' little /pinky stuck /up
%tim:	5:14
%com:	4 sec, soft clatter
*FAT:	you set the cup back down so nice . %snd:"820425a"_320184_321887
%flo:	you set the /cup back down so /nice
%tim:	5:20
%com:	3.3 sec noises
*FAT:	/does n(o)t /really take a /spoon to eat a /sandwich. %snd:"820425a"_325219_327123
%flo:	doesn't /really take'a /spoon ta eat'a /san'wich
%tim:	5:25
*FAT:	you can jus(t) pick it up in your hand an(d) eat it , I would
	think. %snd:"820425a"_327142_329456
%flo:	you c'n jus' pick'it up in y'r /hand an' eat'it I would /think
%tim:	5:27
%com:	1.6 sec
*FAT:	what you think . %snd:"820425a"_331002_331623
%flo:	whatta ya /think
%tim:	5:31
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_331646_331959
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	5:31
*FAT:	take a bite ? %snd:"820425a"_331658_332302
%flo:	take'a /bite
%tim:	5:31
%com:	simultaneous with S, hard to disentangle
*FAT:	you do n(o)t want any? %snd:"820425a"_332377_333039
%flo:	y'don' /wan'any
%tim:	5:32
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_332418_332679
%spa:	$R
%tim:	5:32
%com:	simultaneous
*FAT:	okay. %snd:"820425a"_333028_333457
%flo:	/okay
%tim:	5:33
*FAT:	that (i)s fine. %snd:"820425a"_333631_334101
%flo:	/thats fine
%tim:	5:33
%com:	0.7 sec
*FAT:	I understan(d) that. %snd:"820425a"_334805_335728
%flo:	/I understan' /that
%tim:	5:34
%com:	0.6 sec
*CHI:	xxx . %snd:"820425a"_336385_337111
%pho:	/��i-i
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	5:36
%com:	5 sec rustles
*CHI:	xxx . %snd:"820425a"_342215_343178
%pho:	/��i-i-i
%spa:	$R $IV
%tim:	5:42
%com:	21.5 sec; silence then S bangs spoon
*CHI:	guy. %snd:"820425a"_364673_365462
%pho:	/ga-i-i
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	6:04
%com:	0.6 sec
*CHI:	guy. %snd:"820425a"_366310_367169
%pho:	/ga-i-i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	6:06
%com:	21 sec silence
*CHI:	swingswing at c . %snd:"820425a"_388171_389843
%pho:	/��i/��i/����~
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	6:28
*CHI:	a at fs swing ? %snd:"820425a"_390133_390783
%pho:	�� /��i~
%spa:	$R+
%tim:	6:30
%com:	1 sec
*CHI:	swing ? %snd:"820425a"_391845_392583
%pho:	����n
%spa:	$R
%tim:	6:31
%com:	6.3 sec silence, clunk
*CHI:	knockknock at c. %snd:"820425a"_398767_399656
%pho:	nak/nak
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	6:38
%com:	not fried this time; 1.1 sec
*CHI:	bump at p ! %snd:"820425a"_400653_401362
%pho:	/d��:n
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	6:40
%com:	1.1 sec
*CHI:	bump at p ! %snd:"820425a"_402479_403356
%pho:	/d��n-n
%spa:	$R
%tim:	6:42
%com:	6.9 sec, silence, rustles
*CHI:	una at fs eeat at c. %snd:"820425a"_410002_411399
%pho:	����i i/i:t
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	6:50
%com:	pause
*CHI:	eeat at c ! %snd:"820425a"_411782_412571
%pho:	/i/it
%spa:	$R
%tim:	6:51
%com:	22 sec, rattles, hissing, moving around
*FAT:	y(ou) wan(t) get down . %snd:"820425a"_434760_435402
%flo:	y'/wan' get /down
%tim:	7:14
%com:	1.6 sec
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_437079_437412
%pho:	nu
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	7:17
%com:	8.1 sec, soft highchair sounds
*CHI:	eeat at c ! %snd:"820425a"_445527_446340
%pho:	/i:-i
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	7:25
*CHI:	eeat at c. %snd:"820425a"_446710_447889
%pho:	i/i:-tH
%spa:	$R
%tim:	7:26
%com:	clear /t/ at end; 6.3 sec; noise of a car passing by outside
*CHI:	car. %snd:"820425a"_454257_454860
%pho:	/ka-a-a
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	7:34
%com:	1 sec
*FAT:	there goes a car. %snd:"820425a"_455946_456744
%flo:	/there goes'a /car
%tim:	7:35
%com:	8 sec, soft rustles
*CHI:	gagaa at c. %snd:"820425a"_464688_465553
%pho:	/gaga:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	7:44
%com:	'cookie'; 2.7 sec
*CHI:	Teddy [?]. %snd:"820425a"_468339_469047
%pho:	/d��di
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	7:48
%com:	3 sec, highchair clatter, hiss
*CHI:	xxx . %snd:"820425a"_471866_473091
%pho:	/s��st��/wek
%spa:	$IV $GST?
%tim:	7:51
%com:	sounds like 'just you wait'; 43 sec, high-chair noises; farts,
*CHI:	n at fs gagaa at c. %snd:"820425a"_516425_517360
%pho:	�� /gaga:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	8:36
%com:	1.2 sec
*CHI:	gagaa at c. %snd:"820425a"_518428_519165
%pho:	/gaga
%spa:	$R
%tim:	8:38
%com:	pause
*CHI:	gagaa at c. %snd:"820425a"_519432_520025
%pho:	ga/ga:j
%spa:	$R
%tim:	8:40
%com:	2.3 sec, rustles
*CHI:	xx xx xx. %snd:"820425a"_522350_523882
%pho:	/d�� /d��n /d��n
%spa:	$SP
%tim:	8:42
%com:	babble or soundplay; 1.3 sec
*CHI:	xx xx xx. %snd:"820425a"_525160_526484
%pho:	/d��n d��n d��
%spa:	$SP $R
%tim:	8:45
%com:	soundplay; 1.1 sec
*CHI:	bump at p ! %snd:"820425a"_527662_528173
%pho:	/d��n:
%spa:	$SP
%tim:	8:47
%com:	soundplay; 2.1 sec, clatter
*CHI:	xxx. %snd:"820425a"_530332_530657
%pho:	/d����
%spa:	$SP
%tim:	8:50
%com:	soundplay; 2 sec
*CHI:	xxx. %snd:"820425a"_531149_531694
%pho:	/dot
%spa:	$SP $R
%tim:	8:51
*CHI:	xxx. %snd:"820425a"_532228_532641
%pho:	/d����
%spa:	$SP $R
%tim:	8:52
*CHI:	xxx. %snd:"820425a"_532890_533093
%pho:	/da
%spa:	$SP $R
%tim:	8:52
%com:	getting softer; 14 sec, mostly silent
*CHI:	cup [?]. %snd:"820425a"_546821_547460
%pho:	kap
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	9:06
%com:	loud car passing; 1.6 sec
*CHI:	cup [?]. %snd:"820425a"_548745_549261
%pho:	k��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	9:08
%com:	car noise continues; he could be saying 'car' or 'cup'; 2.3 sec
*FAT:	there (i)s your cup [?]. %snd:"820425a"_551254_551974
%flo:	there's y'r /cup
%tim:	9:11
%com:	4.5 sec, silence
*CHI:	shit . %snd:"820425a"_556406_557556
%pho:	/t����t/����t
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	9:16
%com:	1.6 sec
*FAT:	why are you saying that ! %snd:"820425a"_559213_560363
%flo:	/why're you sayin' /that
%tim:	9:19
%com:	2.4 sec, 2 clacks
*CHI:	shit . %snd:"820425a"_562724_563577
%pho:	/����t/����t
%spa:	$R
%tim:	9:22
%com:	3.4 sec
*FAT:	what a nice thing to say , Weener . %snd:"820425a"_567005_568654
%flo:	what'a /nice thing'ta say weener
%tim:	9:27
%com:	softly; 14 sec; banging and silence
*CHI:	eeat at c. %snd:"820425a"_581995_582732
%pho:	i/it
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	9:41
*CHI:	cup. %snd:"820425a"_582947_583231
%pho:	k��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	9:42
%com:	2.5 sec
*CHI:	cup. %snd:"820425a"_585791_586290
%pho:	k��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	9:45
%com:	1 sec
*CHI:	cup. %snd:"820425a"_587179_587591
%pho:	k��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	9:47
%com:	2.4 sec
*CHI:	eeat at c. %snd:"820425a"_589961_591111
%pho:	i/i:-tH
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	9:49
%com:	5 sec
*CHI:	guy ! %snd:"820425a"_596193_596815
%pho:	/ga-iy
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	9:56
%com:	loud; 0.7 sec
*FAT:	little guy. %snd:"820425a"_597530_598476
%flo:	little /gu-y
%tim:	9:57
%com:	2.7 sec
*CHI:	guy ! %snd:"820425a"_601083_601657
%pho:	/ga-iy
%tim:	10:01
%spa:	$R $IM
%com:	loud
*FAT:	guy. %snd:"820425a"_602000_602505
%tim:	10:02
%com:	echoing S; 2.3 sec
*CHI:	xx xx xx. %snd:"820425a"_604712_606732
%pho:	/w��d�� /w��:n /n��/n��
%spa:	$B
%tim:	10:04
%com:	soundplay; rhythmic banging; noisy; 1.2 sec
*FAT:	now rock an(d) bounce your head . %snd:"820425a"_607969_609533
%flo:	now /rock an' bounce y'r /head
%tim:	10:07
%com:	2.4 sec
*FAT:	listen. %snd:"820425a"_611960_612320
%flo:	/listen
%tim:	10:11
%com:	0.5 sec
*FAT:	what happens when we ride in the car . %snd:"820425a"_612807_614607
%flo:	/what happens when we /ride'in'the /car
%tim:	10:12
%com:	slowly; 2.6 sec silence
*FAT:	what happens when we go ride in a car . %snd:"820425a"_617242_619198
%flo:	what /happens when we go /ride'in'the /car
%tim:	10:17
%com:	faster; 2.3 sec
*FAT:	blink. %snd:"820425a"_621218_621677
%tim:	10:21
*FAT:	blink. %snd:"820425a"_621683_621892
%tim:	10:21
*FAT:	blink your eyes. %snd:"820425a"_621880_622565
%flo:	/blink y'r eyes
%tim:	10:21
%com:	whispering
*FAT:	think. %snd:"820425a"_622565_622890
%tim:	10:22
*FAT:	think hard. %snd:"820425a"_622873_623384
%flo:	think /hard
%tim:	10:22
%com:	whispering
*FAT:	<what happens when we> [/] what happens when we ride in the car . %snd:"820425a"_623543_626236
%flo:	/what happens when'we- what happens when �� ride in'the /car
%tim:	10:23
%com:	5.2 sec, drone of airplane
*FAT:	do you know? %snd:"820425a"_631405_631945
%flo:	do'ya /know
%tim:	10:31
%com:	2 sec; plane still droning
*FAT:	when we ride in a car does it do like that ? %snd:"820425a"_633948_636189
%flo:	when'we /ride'in'the /car does'it- do like /that
%tim:	10:33
%com:	clatter; bumping S?
*FAT:	do you do like that when we ride in the car? %snd:"820425a"_636328_638296
%flo:	do ya do like /that when'we ride'in'the /car
%tim:	10:36
%com:	clatter
*FAT:	what i(s) that . %snd:"820425a"_638551_639260
%flo:	what'i/zat
%tim:	10:38
%com:	10.4 sec; plane, traffic
*FAT:	 tell me what happens when we ride in the car . %snd:"820425a"_649630_651476
%flo:	/tell'me what /happens when'we /ride'in'the /car
%tim:	10:49
%com:	3.8 sec
*FAT:	 do we bump? %snd:"820425a"_655358_655923
%flo:	do'we /bump
%tim:	10:55
%com:	2 sec
*FAT:	 do we bump? %snd:"820425a"_657871_658521
%flo:	do we /bump
%tim:	10:57
%com:	6.5 sec
*FAT:	 does Daddy hit all the bumps? %snd:"820425a"_665078_666325
%flo:	d's /daddy hit all'la /bumps
%tim:	11:05
%com:	1.8 sec
*CHI:	gung at c ! %snd:"820425a"_668246_668908
%pho:	/g����:
%spa:	$IM
%tim:	11:08
%com:	pause
*FAT:	gung at c . %snd:"820425a"_669314_669773
%flo:	gung
%tim:	11:09
%com:	echos S
*FAT:	bumps. %snd:"820425a"_670092_670638
%tim:	11:10
%com:	sotto voce; 2.1 sec, clatter
*CHI:	bump at p. %snd:"820425a"_672658_673122
%pho:	b��p
%spa:	$R $IM
%tim:	11:12
%com:	0.7 sec
*CHI:	bump at p ! %snd:"820425a"_673755_674260
%pho:	b��p
%spa:	$R $IM
%tim:	11:13
%com:	0.6 sec
*CHI:	gung at c. %snd:"820425a"_674747_675467
%pho:	/g����:
%tim:	11:14
*FAT:	bump ! %snd:"820425a"_675480_676020
%tim:	11:15
%com:	echoing S
*FAT:	bump. %snd:"820425a"_676002_676629
%flo:	m/bump
%tim:	11:16
%com:	1.8 sec
*CHI:	gung at c. %snd:"820425a"_678469_679090
%pho:	/g����-��
%spa:	$R $IM
%tim:	11:18
*FAT:	gung at c . %snd:"820425a"_679401_679720
%flo:	gung
%tim:	11:19
*FAT:	bump at p. %snd:"820425a"_679820_681039
%flo:	/bump bump bump bump bump
%tim:	11:19
%com:	2.2 sec; clatter
*CHI:	gung at c. %snd:"820425a"_683303_684040
%pho:	/g��-����
%spa:	$R $IM
%tim:	11:23
%com:	10.5 sec; clatter, D sneezes, more clatter
*FAT:	gesundheit. %snd:"820425a"_694583_695117
%flo:	ga/zunniy
%tim:	11:34
%com:	8.7 sec
*CHI:	eeat at c. %snd:"820425a"_703788_704693
%pho:	i/it
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	11:43
%com:	traffic noise; 3.5 sec, D sneezes again
*FAT:	(ex)cuse me. %snd:"820425a"_708153_708930
%flo:	'cuse /me-e
%tim:	11:48
%com:	7.8 sec, traffic, soft clatters
*CHI:	gung at c ! %snd:"820425a"_716670_717413
%pho:	/g����
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	11:56
%com:	1 sec; D sniffs
*CHI:	gung at c ! %snd:"820425a"_718361_719185
%pho:	/g����:
%spa:	$R
%tim:	11:58
%com:	0.6 sec
*CHI:	gung at c ! %snd:"820425a"_719696_720346
%pho:	/g����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	11:59
%com:	0.6 sec
*CHI:	gung at c ! %snd:"820425a"_720962_721995
%pho:	/g����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	12:00
%com:	7.8 sec; D sneezes again
*FAT:	oh, Daddy sneezed. %snd:"820425a"_729268_730371
%flo:	/ohh daddy /sneezed
%tim:	12:09
%com:	1.4 sec
*FAT:	sneeze. %snd:"820425a"_731627_732462
%tim:	12:11
%com:	saying it for S; 10 sec; silence and D sniffs
*CHI:	guy. %snd:"820425a"_741961_742820
%pho:	/ga-i:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	12:21
%com:	26 sec; D sneezes twice more, soft sounds and clatters
*FAT:	Daddy can n(o)t stop sneezin(g). %snd:"820425a"_768727_770144
%flo:	/daddy cant stop /sneezin'
%tim:	12:48
%com:	3.8 sec, sniff
*FAT:	Daddy gon(na) make at d. %snd:"820425a"_773801_774730
%flo:	/daddy gon /makay/
%tim:	12:53
%com:	local/Hawaiian word for 'die'; 5.3 sec, silence and another sniff
*CHI:	potty. %snd:"820425a"_780063_781096
%pho:	/pani
%spa:	$SPONT? $IM?
%tim:	13:27
*FAT:	potty . %snd:"820425a"_780794_781305
%flo:	/paDi
%tim:	13:00
%com:	pause
*FAT:	make at d not potty. %snd:"820425a"_781700_782826
%flo:	/maki not /paDi
%tim:	13:01
%com:	9.5 sec; sniff, silence, then S blows in imitation, D sniffs again
	and laughs
*FAT:	did you try to sniffle an(d) sneeze . %snd:"820425a"_792190_793722
%flo:	did/ju tryta /sniffle an' /sneeze
%tim:	13:12
*FAT:	you can n(o)t do it , can you . %snd:"820425a"_794001_795069
%flo:	you can't /do'it /can'ya
%tim:	13:14
%com:	3 sec; D sniffs twice, loudly
*FAT:	watch me sniffle. %snd:"820425a"_798246_798943
%flo:	watch'me /sniffle
%tim:	13:18
%com:	3.4 sec; D sniifs twice again; S blows twice in same rhythm
*FAT:	well. %snd:"820425a"_802344_802623
%tim:	13:22
*FAT:	I can blow too. %snd:"820425a"_802611_803447
%flo:	/I'c'n blow /too
%tim:	13:22
%com:	10 sec: D whistles several times;  they trade blows, D sniffs
*FAT:	you can blow as well as Daddy. %snd:"820425a"_813856_815202
%flo:	/you c'n /blow as /well as /daddy
%tim:	13:33
%com:	2.7 sec, sharp rap
*FAT:	boy , you (a)re jus(t) not hungry at all, are you . %snd:"820425a"_817787_819342
%flo:	boy /you're just not /hungry at /all /are'ya
%tim:	13:37
%com:	1.3 sec, sniff
*FAT:	not even thirsty. %snd:"820425a"_820500_821348
%flo:	not /even /thirsty
%tim:	13:40
*CHI:	car ! %snd:"820425a"_821353_821911
%pho:	/ka:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	13:41
%com:	0.9 sec, then they speak together
*FAT:	here comes +... %snd:"820425a"_822815_823535
%flo:	/here comes
%tim:	13:42
*CHI:	car. %snd:"820425a"_823006_823511
%pho:	/ka:
%spa:	$R
%tim:	13:43
*FAT:	yes, here it comes. %snd:"820425a"_823668_824440
%flo:	/yeah here'it /comes
%tim:	13:43
*FAT:	I heard that car come . %snd:"820425a"_824481_825444
%flo:	I /heard that car come
%tim:	13:44
%com:	soft; 4 sec silence
*FAT:	what do you think . %snd:"820425a"_829446_829997
%flo:	/whatchya /think
%tim:	13:49
*FAT:	<would you like me to get> [/] would you like to get down . %snd:"820425a"_830003_831673
%flo:	wouldju /like me to /get- wouldju /liketa get /down
%tim:	13:50
*FAT:	want Daddy to put the food away . %snd:"820425a"_831836_833014
%flo:	want'daddy ta put the /food away
%tim:	13:51
%com:	1.5 sec
*FAT:	you want to get down an(d) play with your box . %snd:"820425a"_834535_836142
%flo:	you wanna get /down an' play with y'r /box
%tim:	13:54
*FAT:	an(d) play with your tv . %snd:"820425a"_836136_837181
%flo:	an' play with your tee/vee
%tim:	13:56
%com:	12.2 sec: silence, sniff, something falls loudly, silence
*CHI:	eeat at c. %snd:"820425a"_849404_850565
%pho:	i/i-tH
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	14:09
%com:	highchair clatter; 0.9 sec
*FAT:	here. %snd:"820425a"_851332_851623
%tim:	14:11
%com:	3.2 sec, clatter, D sneezes, S laughs
*CHI:	ha . %snd:"820425a"_854857_855113
%pho:	/h��
%spa:	$IV
%tim:	14:14
%com:	1.8 sec, D sniffles
*FAT:	sneezin(g) an(d) sneezin(g) . %snd:"820425a"_856994_858219
%flo:	/sneezin' an' /sneezin'
%tim:	14:16
%com:	6 sec, D sniffs, soft clatter
*CHI:	knockknock at c. %snd:"820425a"_863951_864877
%pho:	n��k/n��:k
%spa:	$SONG
%tim:	14:23
%com:	creaky voice, like a duck; an old routine
*FAT:	who (i)s there? %snd:"820425a"_864849_865424
%flo:	/who's there
%spa:	$SONG
%tim:	14:24
*CHI:	da_who at c. %snd:"820425a"_865743_866620
%pho:	/da-u-u-u
%spa:	$SONG
%tim:	14:25
%com:	interrupted by D
*FAT:	listen. %snd:"820425a"_866608_866916
%flo:	/lisn
%tim:	14:26
*FAT:	why do n(o)t you get down . %snd:"820425a"_867020_867798
%flo:	/why dontcha get /down
%tim:	14:27
%com:	0.6 sec
*FAT:	you (a)re being trite. %snd:"820425a"_868361_869133
%flo:	you're being /trite
%tim:	14:28
*FAT:	come on. %snd:"820425a"_869139_869682
%flo:	come /on
%tim:	14:29
%com:	3.8 sec; high-chair clatter, sniff
*FAT:	come to Daddy. %snd:"820425a"_873229_873682
%flo:	/come'ta /daddy
%tim:	14:33
%com:	pause
*FAT:	d(o) y(ou) wan(t) get down? %snd:"820425a"_874158_874832
%flo:	d'y'wan get /down
%tim:	14:34
%com:	1.7 sec
*FAT:	d(o) you wan(t) (t)o get down ? %snd:"820425a"_876523_877313
%flo:	d'you wanna get/down
%tim:	14:36
%com:	effort voice; 0.7 sec
*FAT:	d(o) y(ou) wan(t) me to throw you firs(t) ? %snd:"820425a"_877835_878729
%flo:	d'y'wan'me ta /throw ya /firs'
%tim:	14:37
%com:	speaking very fast,
*FAT:	what if I throw you. %snd:"820425a"_878727_879377
%flo:	what'if I /throw ya
%tim:	14:38
*FAT:	I c(a)n throw you way up in the air . %snd:"820425a"_879487_880457
%flo:	I c'n/throw'ya way'up in'the /air
%tim:	14:39
*FAT:	watch out. %snd:"820425a"_880451_880857
%flo:	watch/out
%tim:	14:40
%com:	playful tone
*FAT:	gonna throw you. %snd:"820425a"_881165_881757
%flo:	gonna /throw'ya
%tim:	14:41
%com:	tossing S in the air and catching him
*FAT:	I gonna throw you an(d) throw you. %snd:"820425a"_881751_882837
%flo:	I'gonna /throw'ya an' /throw'ya
%tim:	14:41
%com:	D breathes hard
*FAT:	I <gonna ca(tch)> [/] gon(na) throw you some more. %snd:"820425a"_882968_884303
%flo:	I gonna ca- gon' /throw ya so'/more.
%tim:	14:43
%com:	excited, breathless; S shrieks with laughter
*FAT:	I gonna throw you way up high. %snd:"820425a"_884298_886010
%flo:	I gonna throw you way'up /high
%tim:	14:44
%com:	S laughing; 0.6 sec
*FAT:	way up high to the ceilng . %snd:"820425a"_886599_887754
%flo:	way'up /high ta the /ceiling
%tim:	14:46
*FAT:	get oh so high. %snd:"820425a"_887742_889031
%flo:	get /oh so /high
%tim:	14:47
%com:	0.7 sec
*FAT:	I gon(na) throw you an(d) catch you . %snd:"820425a"_889737_891112
%flo:	/I gon' /throw'ya an' /catch'ya
%tim:	14:49
%com:	out of breath
*FAT:	an(d) throw you an(d) catch you. %snd:"820425a"_891112_892668
%flo:	an' /throw'ya an' /catch'ya
%tim:	14:51
%com:	almost a whisper
*FAT:	okay. %snd:"820425a"_892848_893214
%flo:	o/kay
%tim:	14:52
%com:	whisper; 0.8 sec
*CHI:	ntuu at c . %snd:"820425a"_894021_894909
%pho:	��n/tu-u
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	14:54
*FAT:	down you go on the floor. %snd:"820425a"_895507_896354
%flo:	/down'ya go on'the /floor
%tim:	14:55
%com:	normal voice; 1.2 sec
*FAT:	le(t) (u)s leave this highchair set up. %snd:"820425a"_897492_898798
%flo:	/le's leave this /highchair set /up
%tim:	14:57
%com:	fast and soft, talking to himself; 0.6 sec
*FAT:	when you decide you want some more of it well we (wi)ll (.) try
	again . %snd:"820425a"_899425_902936
%flo:	when'you de/cide you want so'/more'of'it well w'll- try a/gain
%tim:	14:59
%com:	pauses in the middle to fix the tray; 8.4 sec: sniffs, highchair
	sounds; S crawls away
*CHI:	xxx. %snd:"820425a"_911199_911571
%pho:	h��
%spa:	$ST
%tim:	15:11
%com:	7 sec, S crawls, D sniffs; evidently D has sat on the bed
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_918749_919063
%pho:	����
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	15:18
%com:	softly
*CHI:	chih at c ? %snd:"820425a"_919368_919780
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	15:19
%com:	louder
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_919896_920227
%pho:	����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	15:19
*FAT:	you want to get up on the bed . %snd:"820425a"_920291_921272
%flo:	you /wanna get up'on'the /bed
%tim:	15:20
*FAT:	okay. %snd:"820425a"_921585_921974
%flo:	o/kay
%tim:	15:21
%com:	creaky, lifting S
*FAT:	up you go. %snd:"820425a"_922200_922636
%flo:	/up'ya go
%tim:	15:22
%com:	creaky, lifting S; 0.5 sec
*FAT:	up you go. %snd:"820425a"_923211_923646
%flo:	/up'ya go
%tim:	15:23
%com:	lifting S
*FAT:	I (a)m gonna roll you roll  you . %snd:"820425a"_923644_924915
%flo:	I'm gonna /roll'ya /roll'ya
%tim:	15:23
%com:	17 sec, sniff, silence
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_941716_942099
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	15:41
%com:	low and soft
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_942335_942707
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	15:42
%com:	high and urgent; airplane starts droning in the background
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_942932_943239
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	15:42
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_943587_944000
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	15:43
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_944255_944673
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	15:44
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_944865_945236
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	15:44
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_945505_945801
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	15:45
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_946271_946538
%pho:	��i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	15:46
%com:	subsiding a little; D sniffs
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_946909_947194
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	15:46
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_947490_947861
%pho:	��i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	15:47
%com:	0.6 sec
*FAT:	what d(oe)s chih at c mean when you (a)re up (h)ere . %snd:"820425a"_948627_949846
%flo:	/wha'does /chee mean when you're up'ere
%tim:	15:48
%com:	S is already up on the bed with D
*FAT:	chih at c means you want to get up here an(d) bounce ? %snd:"820425a"_949857_951552
%flo:	/chee means you wanna /get'up here an' /bounce
%tim:	15:49
%com:	speaking fast
*FAT:	that you want to get on Daddy's chest and bounce ? %snd:"820425a"_951843_953474
%flo:	that'w you wanna get on Daddy's /chest an' /bounce
%tim:	15:51
%com:	fast
*FAT:	is that what you want? %snd:"820425a"_953474_954356
%flo:	is /zat whatchu /want
%tim:	15:53
%com:	1.8 sec, rustle
*FAT:	you (a)re smiling that means yes you wan(t) (t)o jump horsie ? %snd:"820425a"_955970_958089
%flo:	you're /smiling that means /yes you wanna jump /horsie
%tim:	15:55
%com:	1.5 sec
*FAT:	come on. %snd:"820425a"_959631_960101
%flo:	/come'on
%tim:	15:59
%com:	1 sec
*FAT:	sit up on Daddy's tummy and le(t) (u)s jump horsie . %snd:"820425a"_960943_962731
%flo:	/sit'up'on Daddy's /tummy an' le's jump /horsie
%tim:	16:00
%com:	fast; pause
*FAT:	jump horsie .
%flo:	/jump horsie
%tim:	16:02
*FAT:	jump .
%tim:	16:03
%com:	for the next 7 sec S shouts rhythmically as D bounces him
*CHI:	xx xx . %snd:"820425a"_970407_971597
%pho:	n/diy�� /diy��
%spa:	$IV
%tim:	16:10
%com:	1 sec silence followed by 5 more bouncing shouts, then silent
	bouncing for 2 sec, one more shout, 1 sec silence
*FAT:	oh, good jump. %snd:"820425a"_978752_979397
%flo:	oh /good /jump
%tim:	16:18
*FAT:	le(t) (u)s jump some more. %snd:"820425a"_979391_980093
%flo:	le's jump so/more
%tim:	16:19
%com:	very fast
*FAT:	okay. %snd:"820425a"_980074_980504
%flo:	/okay
%tim:	16:20
*FAT:	we (wi)ll jump some more. %snd:"820425a"_980562_981456
%flo:	/we'll jump so'/more
%tim:	16:20
%com:	overlapped by a grunt from S; 0.5 sec
*FAT:	jump some more. %snd:"820425a"_981874_982431
%flo:	/jump so'/more
%tim:	16:22
%com:	D continues bouncing S on D's tummy; 3.8 sec
*FAT:	now if Daddy stops (.) wha(t) do you say to make (h)im jump some
	more . %snd:"820425a"_986221_989164
%flo:	/now if daddy /stops- wha'da ya /say ta make'im /jump so'more
%tim:	16:26
%com:	1.9 sec
*FAT:	now somebody (i)s xxx . %snd:"820425a"_991036_992046
%flo:	/now somebody's /chat/
%tim:	16:31
%com:	0.8 sec
*FAT:	what do you say to make me jump some more ? %snd:"820425a"_992836_994345
%flo:	wha'da you /say ta make me /jump so' /more
%tim:	16:32
%com:	softly; 4.1 sec
*FAT:	grab at Daddy's legs . %snd:"820425a"_998439_999540
%flo:	/grab'at daddy's /legs
%tim:	16:38
%com:	soft, eventcasting for tape
*FAT:	see why they (a)re not jumpin(g). %snd:"820425a"_999488_1000411
%flo:	see'why they're not /jumpin'
%tim:	16:39
%com:	0.5 sec
*FAT:	grab Daddy's elbows . %snd:"820425a"_1000945_1001915
%flo:	/grab daddy's /elbows
%tim:	16:40
%com:	1.6 sec
*FAT:	ready to jump ? %snd:"820425a"_1003563_1004056
%flo:	ready'ta /jump
%tim:	16:43
*FAT:	okay. %snd:"820425a"_1004033_1004375
%flo:	/okay
%tim:	16:44
*FAT:	you want to jump. %snd:"820425a"_1004486_1005002
%flo:	you wanna /jump.
%tim:	16:44
*FAT:	le(t) (u)s jump. %snd:"820425a"_1004991_1005420
%flo:	/le's jump
%tim:	16:44
%com:	for the next 8 sec S vocalizes as D bounces him; 2.6 sec silence
*FAT:	oh, jump some more ? %snd:"820425a"_1015928_1017066
%flo:	oh /jump so'/more
%tim:	16:55
%com:	0.5 sec
*FAT:	oh! %snd:"820425a"_1017507_1018134
%tim:	16:57
%com:	1 sec
*FAT:	Daddy (i)s gettin(g) tired . %snd:"820425a"_1019082_1020208
%flo:	Daddy's gettin' /tired
%tim:	16:59
%com:	out of breath; 1 sec
*FAT:	oh Weener ? %snd:"820425a"_1021253_1021891
%flo:	oh /Weener
%tim:	17:01
*CHI:	mm. %snd:"820425a"_1022238_1022586
%spa:	$IV
%tim:	17:02
*FAT:	oh, Daddy (i)s tired. %snd:"820425a"_1022905_1023764
%flo:	/oh /daddy's /tired
%tim:	17:02
*FAT:	oh no. %snd:"820425a"_1024299_1024867
%flo:	oh /no
%tim:	17:04
%com:	breathless, but playful; 1.7 sec
*CHI:	mm. %snd:"820425a"_1026544_1026869
%spa:	$IV
%tim:	17:06
%com:	7.8 sec, soft sounds
*CHI:	chip at c . %snd:"820425a"_1034648_1035205
%pho:	����t
%tim:	17:14
%spa:	$SPONT
*FAT:	there (i)s the tape recorder. %snd:"820425a"_1035484_1036566
%flo:	there's the /tape recor'er
%tim:	17:15
%com:	soft and fast
*FAT:	wha(t) you think . %snd:"820425a"_1036923_1037312
%flo:	wha'ya /think
%tim:	17:16
%com:	very fast
*FAT:	would you like to swing in your swing? %snd:"820425a"_1037300_1038496
%flo:	wouldja /liketa swing'in y'r /swing
%tim:	17:17
%com:	2 sec
*FAT:	y(ou) (w)an(t) go swing ? %snd:"820425a"_1040533_1041218
%flo:	y'an' go /swing
%tim:	17:20
%com:	4.8 sec
*FAT:	you want jump. %snd:"820425a"_1046018_1046709
%flo:	you wan' /jump
%tim:	17:26
*FAT:	you want jump. %snd:"820425a"_1046720_1047301
%flo:	/you wan' /jump
%tim:	17:26
*FAT:	okay. %snd:"820425a"_1047301_1047568
%flo:	/okay
%tim:	17:27
*FAT:	le(t) (u)s jump. %snd:"820425a"_1047550_1048032
%flo:	/les jump
%tim:	17:27
%com:	for the next 3.5 sec S makes louder and lounder squeals as D
	bounces him; 1.6 sec silence, then S hoots 5 times, followed by
	more silence
*FAT:	were you hooting ? %snd:"820425a"_1056877_1057701
%flo:	were you /hooting
%tim:	17:36
%com:	4 sec
*FAT:	oh xxx . %snd:"820425a"_1061719_1062857
%flo:	/ohh round'it
%tim:	17:41
%com:	0.7 sec
*FAT:	bang Daddy's elbows together . %snd:"820425a"_1063554_1064753
%flo:	bang daddy's /elbows tagether
%tim:	17:43
*FAT:	okay. %snd:"820425a"_1064823_1065171
%flo:	/okay
%tim:	17:44
%com:	0.5
*FAT:	jump. %snd:"820425a"_1065699_1066007
%tim:	17:45
*FAT:	you ready to jump some more. %snd:"820425a"_1066139_1067010
%flo:	ya /ready'ta /jump so'more
%tim:	17:46
*FAT:	okay. %snd:"820425a"_1066917_1067208
%flo:	/okay
%tim:	17:46
*FAT:	jump some more. %snd:"820425a"_1067208_1067840
%flo:	jump /so'mpre
%tim:	17:47
%com:	whispered; for the next 4 sec S is makes bouncing shouts
*CHI:	didldow at c. %snd:"820425a"_1071801_1073153
%pho:	/didldidldidli
%spa:	$SP
%tim:	17:51
*FAT:	didldow at c yes. %snd:"820425a"_1073148_1074477
%flo:	/deedle/deedle/deedle yeah
%tim:	17:53
%com:	echoing S; for the next 13 sec S makes bouncing shouts
*FAT:	you just jump so well ? %snd:"820425a"_1087662_1089095
%flo:	/you jus' /jump so /well
%tim:	18:07
%com:	they jump again; 3.7 sec S shouts once, then quiet; then
*FAT:	jump. %snd:"820425a"_1092728_1093076
%tim:	18:12
*FAT:	jump. %snd:"820425a"_1093815_1094123
%tim:	18:13
%com:	now as D says 'jump' S shouts
*FAT:	jump. %snd:"820425a"_1095945_1096241
%tim:	18:15
%com:	20 sec: silence, traffic noise, then more bouncing, silence, then
	accompanied by shouts from S
*CHI:	ntuu at c. %snd:"820425a"_1116923_1117817
%pho:	n/tu:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	18:36
*FAT:	you wan(t) get down . %snd:"820425a"_1118061_1118851
%flo:	y' wan' get /down
%tim:	18:38
*FAT:	oh well here. %snd:"820425a"_1118856_1119385
%flo:	/oh well here
%tim:	18:38
*FAT:	get down . %snd:"820425a"_1119390_1119797
%flo:	/get down
%tim:	18:39
%com:	fast, 0.8 sec
*FAT:	down you go. %snd:"820425a"_1120569_1121196
%flo:	/down ya go
%tim:	18:40
%com:	2 sec
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1123212_1123723
%pho:	����
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	18:43
%com:	wants up again; rustling sounds in background
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1123903_1124240
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	18:43
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1124507_1124902
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	18:44
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1125064_1125517
%pho:	��i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	18:44
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1125771_1126137
%pho:	��H
%spa:	$R
%tim:	18:45
%com:	11.5 sec, silence, then S starts crawling
*CHI:	shoe. %snd:"820425a"_1137582_1138476
%pho:	/��u-/u-u
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	18:57
*FAT:	there (i)s Daddy's shoe. %snd:"820425a"_1138713_1139932
%flo:	there's daddy's /shoe-h
%tim:	18:58
%com:	3.5 sec; S crawls again
@Bg:	refrigerator
*FAT:	where (i)s the (re)frigerator . %snd:"820425a"_1143500_1144301
%flo:	/where's'the /frigerator
%tim:	19:03
%com:	fast, trying to get S interested in something he'll talk about
*FAT:	where (i)s the refrigerator . %snd:"820425a"_1144295_1145282
%flo:	where's the re/frigerator
%tim:	19:04
%com:	louder and a little slower
*FAT:	we have n(o)t looked in the (re)frigerator in a long time. %snd:"820425a"_1145481_1147333
%flo:	/we haven't looked'in'the /frigerator in'a long /time
%tim:	19:05
%com:	S starts crawling
*FAT:	let (u)s go see what (i)s in there . %snd:"820425a"_1147333_1148726
%flo:	lets go see what's /in'there
%tim:	19:07
%com:	2.9 sec silence
*FAT:	you want Daddy open the (re)frigerator for you ? %snd:"820425a"_1151219_1152880
%flo:	you want daddy /open the /frigerator for ya
%tim:	19:11
%com:	1.9 sec
*FAT:	go find it. %snd:"820425a"_1154767_1155342
%flo:	go /find'it
%tim:	19:14
%com:	5.4 sec, S crawls
*CHI:	tikatika at c . %snd:"820425a"_1160701_1164346
%pho:	/t��k��tk��/t��k��t��t��k/t��k��t��k��/t��k��t��k��t��k��t��k
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	19:20
%com:	what he says when he wants the door opened
*FAT:	okay push pull on this door. %snd:"820425a"_1163853_1165170
%flo:	/okay push/pull on this /door
%tim:	19:23
%com:	sotto voce; 0.5 sec
*FAT:	there. %snd:"820425a"_1165793_1166124
%tim:	19:25
%com:	1 sec
*FAT:	wha(t) do you see in there . %snd:"820425a"_1167122_1168033
%flo:	wha'da you /see in'there
%tim:	19:27
%com:	0.5 sec,
*CHI:	kokowk at c . %snd:"820425a"_1168663_1169969
%pho:	kuk/ku-u
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	19:28
%com:	loud noise as S speaks; 0.5 sec
*FAT:	it (i)s kokowk at c . %snd:"820425a"_1170428_1171484
%flo:	its col'/col'
%tim:	19:30
*FAT:	it (i)s pineapple . %snd:"820425a"_1171461_1172245
%flo:	it's /pineapple
%tim:	19:31
%com:	0.7 sec
*FAT:	Daddy had company this weekend . %snd:"820425a"_1172943_1174348
%flo:	/daddy had /comp'ny- this /weekend
%tim:	19:32
*FAT:	we have lots o(f) different things in there. %snd:"820425a"_1174371_1175869
%flo:	we have /lotsa /different things in'there
%tim:	19:34
%com:	5 sec silence
*CHI:	kokowk at c . %snd:"820425a"_1180860_1181801
%pho:	/ku/ku:
%spa:	$R
%tim:	19:40
%com:	1.1 sec
*CHI:	kokowk at c . %snd:"820425a"_1182909_1183803
%pho:	/kuku
%spa:	$R
%tim:	19:42
%com:	0.9 sec
*CHI:	inside [?]. %snd:"820425a"_1184692_1185725
%pho:	n��/sa-i
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	19:44
%com:	semantically this could be a SSWU, but the intonations are
	unrelated and the pause is too long; 1.8 sec
*CHI:	whassat at c [?] . %snd:"820425a"_1187310_1188796
%pho:	w��s/h������k
%spa:	$SPONT $GST
%tim:	19:47
%com:	1.5 sec
*FAT:	wha(t) does that mean . %snd:"820425a"_1190186_1191266
%flo:	wha'd's /that mean
%tim:	19:50
%com:	3.4 sec
*CHI:	shisha at c . %snd:"820425a"_1194363_1195373
%pho:	/s��sa:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	19:54
%com:	0.7 sec
*FAT:	yes there (i)s lots to drink in there. %snd:"820425a"_1196163_1197852
%flo:	/yeah there's /lots'ta /drink in there
%tim:	19:56
%com:	2.8 sec silence
*CHI:	gagaa at c . %snd:"820425a"_1200563_1201545
%pho:	/gaga:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	20:00
%com:	loud; his word for 'cookie'
*FAT:	an(d) there (i)s lots of cookies in there. %snd:"820425a"_1201552_1203230
%flo:	an' there's /lotsta /cookies in'there
%tim:	20:01
%com:	6.7 sec; S makes 3 'I want it' hoots, silence, rustles
*FAT:	an(d) butter ? %snd:"820425a"_1209795_1210498
%flo:	an' /butter
%tim:	20:09
%com:	softly; 3 sec
*FAT:	lots o(f) things in plastic bags . %snd:"820425a"_1213678_1215298
%flo:	/lo:tsa things'in plastic /bags
%tim:	20:13
*FAT:	can n(o)t tell what they are. %snd:"820425a"_1215306_1216212
%flo:	cant /tell what'they /are
%tim:	20:15
%com:	softly
*CHI:	kokowk at c . %snd:"820425a"_1216612_1217732
%pho:	/kuku-u
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	20:16
%com:	0.6 sec
*FAT:	yes, an(d) there (i)s a jug of cold water. %snd:"820425a"_1218383_1219996
%flo:	/yeah an' there's'a jug of /co:l /water
%tim:	20:18
%com:	1.2 sec
*FAT:	and a jug of cold tea. %snd:"820425a"_1221274_1222498
%flo:	 /an'a jug'of /cold /tea
%tim:	20:21
%com:	4.2 sec, dog barks outside, then silence, rustle
*FAT:	would you close it for me please ? %snd:"820425a"_1226593_1227934
%flo:	wouldju /close'it for me /please
%tim:	20:26
*FAT:	le(t) (u)s close that (re)frigerator. %snd:"820425a"_1227919_1229097
%flo:	les /close'that /frigerator
%tim:	20:27
%com:	1.6 sec, 2 clunks
*FAT:	thank you. %snd:"820425a"_1230612_1231106
%flo:	/thankyou
%tim:	20:30
%com:	2.9 sec rustles
@Eg:	refrigerator
*CHI:	xxx ? %snd:"820425a"_1233908_1234292
%pho:	/w��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	20:33
%com:	2.2 sec, noises
*FAT:	there (i)s your doggie bowl. %snd:"820425a"_1236492_1237728
%flo:	there's y'r /doggie bowl
%tim:	20:36
%com:	2 sec noises
*FAT:	you want water in it ? %snd:"820425a"_1239597_1240427
%flo:	you want /water in'it
%tim:	20:39
%com:	0.6 sec
*FAT:	watch le(t) (u)s put water in it. %snd:"820425a"_1240995_1242069
%flo:	/watch les'put /water in'it
%tim:	20:40
%com:	1.7 sec, clunks
*FAT:	see if you still drink out o(f) your doggie bowl. %snd:"820425a"_1243764_1245418
%flo:	/see'if you /still drink outta y'r /doggie bowl
%tim:	20:43
%com:	2.3 sec, water running
*FAT:	if you do n(o)t dump it on the floor an(d) make Daddy mop till noon. %snd:"820425a"_1247773_1250245
%flo:	if you dont /dump'it on'the /floor an' make daddy /mop till /noon
%tim:	20:47
*FAT:	Daddy mad. %snd:"820425a"_1250413_1250901
%flo:	daddy /mad
%tim:	20:49
%com:	noisy
*FAT:	there! %snd:"820425a"_1251435_1251917
%flo:	the:re
%tim:	20:51
*FAT:	stick your face down in that doggie bowl . %snd:"820425a"_1252254_1253925
%flo:	stick y'r /face down'in'that /doggie bowl
%tim:	20:52
%com:	1.8 sec
*FAT:	that (i)s so funny. %snd:"820425a"_1255537_1256350
%flo:	that's /so /funny
%tim:	20:55
%com:	11 sec, birds
*FAT:	shisha at c. %snd:"820425a"_1267242_1267800
%flo:	/sasa
%tim:	21:07
%com:	20.7 sec, S drinking, birds
*CHI:	chih at c ? %snd:"820425a"_1288820_1289168
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	21:28
%com:	excited
*CHI:	chih at c ? %snd:"820425a"_1289439_1289793
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	21:29
*CHI:	chih at c ? %snd:"820425a"_1290008_1290420
%pho:	����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	21:30
%com:	urgent
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1290780_1291151
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	21:30
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1291412_1291842
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	21:31
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1292034_1292359
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	21:32
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1292637_1293026
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	21:32
%com:	loud clatter, 5 sec: silence, sniff, S crawls
*CHI:	tikatika at c. %snd:"820425a"_1297808_1300519
%pho:	/k��t��k��t��/k��t��k��t��k��t��l��/k��t��k��/t��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	21:37
%com:	generalizing from fridge to any door; overlapped by D
*FAT:	you trying to reach to pull the front door open. %snd:"820425a"_1300345_1302098
%flo:	you /tryin'ta /reach'ta pull'la front /door open
%tim:	21:40
%com:	0.5 sec
*FAT:	okay. %snd:"820425a"_1302534_1302841
%flo:	/okay
%tim:	21:42
*FAT:	it (wi)ll come. %snd:"820425a"_1302841_1303259
%flo:	/it'll /come
%tim:	21:42
%com:	0.7 sec
*FAT:	it (wi)ll open. %snd:"820425a"_1303898_1304379
%flo:	/it'll open
%tim:	21:43
%com:	8.7 sec; sniff, loud vehicle passes
*FAT:	Mommy says tikatika at c is a Spanish game that Kitty taught you. %snd:"820425a"_1313069_1315919
%flo:	/mommy says /tuka/tuka/tuka is a /spanish game that /kitty /taughtcha
%tim:	21:53
%com:	1.4 sec
*CHI:	Kitty [?] . %snd:"820425a"_1317488_1318255
%pho:	/��i-i:
%spa:	$IM
%tim:	21:57
%com:	doesn't sound like chih at c; 10 sec, soft clatter, sniff, birds
*CHI:	tikatika at c. %snd:"820425a"_1328202_1331453
%pho:	k��/tu:k��/t��k��/tuk��/t��k��/tuk��/t��k��/tuk��t��k
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	22:08
%com:	at the door; traffic noise; 5.3 sec
*FAT:	you (are) gonna [?] close it? %snd:"820425a"_1336814_1337679
%flo:	ya gonna /close'it
%tim:	22:16
%com:	6.6 sec; crawl, sniff, S starts playing with his BusyBox
*CHI:	light. %snd:"820425a"_1344417_1345263
%pho:	/ya:-��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	22:24
%com:	in two distinct parts; 2 sec
*FAT:	you turn it up. %snd:"820425a"_1347250_1348005
%flo:	ya'turn'it /up
%tim:	22:27
%com:	S switches light switch on and off; 4.9 sec
*FAT:	you push that switch down but you sure can n(o)t lift it up can
	you . %snd:"820425a"_1352808_1355275
%flo:	you /push that switch /down butchu /sure /can't lift'it /up
%tim:	22:32
%com:	overlapped by S; interrupted by S mumbling; noisy; 1.7 sec
*CHI:	no [?] ? %snd:"820425a"_1353900_1354410
%pho:	n��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	22:33
*CHI:	no [?] ? %snd:"820425a"_1354567_1355049
%pho:	n��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	22:34
%com:	1.4 sec, silence, then buzzer
*CHI:	light. %snd:"820425a"_1356660_1357513
%pho:	l��-��:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	22:36
%com:	the second part of the word is distinctly separarted
*FAT:	light . %snd:"820425a"_1357490_1357809
%tim:	22:37
%com:	2.8 sec
*CHI:	lalight at c . %snd:"820425a"_1360625_1361931
%pho:	la/lay-tH
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	22:40
*FAT:	yes . %snd:"820425a"_1362187_1362681
%flo:	yeah
%tim:	22:42
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1362913_1363371
%pho:	��i
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	22:42
%com:	excited
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1363377_1363743
%pho:	����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	22:43
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1364062_1364405
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	22:44
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1364707_1365043
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	22:44
%com:	1 sec, then S starts crawling
*CHI:	tikatika at c . %snd:"820425a"_1366035_1368316
%pho:	tw��/tw��/tw��/t��k��/t��kt��t��k
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	22:46
%com:	noisy, hard to hear; 1.2 sec noisy
*CHI:	tikatika at c . %snd:"820425a"_1369523_1371076
%pho:	t��k/k��t��/k��t��/k��t��/k��t��k
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	22:49
*FAT:	you gonna open the front door again . %snd:"820425a"_1371674_1372754
%flo:	y'onna /open the front /door a/gain
%tim:	22:51
%com:	0.5 sec
*CHI:	xxx ? %snd:"820425a"_1373328_1374060
%pho:	/u:ps
%spa:	$IV $GST
%tim:	22:53
%com:	sounds like 'oops'; 1.3 sec, S crawls to his doggie bowl
*CHI:	shisha at c. %snd:"820425a"_1375156_1376137
%pho:	/����/��a-a
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	22:55
%com:	1 sec, click
*CHI:	shisha at c. %snd:"820425a"_1376973_1377983
%pho:	/������a-a
%spa:	$R
%tim:	22:56
*FAT:	yes, I put that bowl away already . %snd:"820425a"_1377971_1379567
%flo:	/yeah I /put'that /bowl a/way al/ready
%tim:	22:57
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_1379730_1380061
%pho:	n��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	22:59
%com:	0.6
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_1380740_1381181
%pho:	no
%spa:	$R
%tim:	23:00
%com:	2.3 sec silence
*CHI:	babaa at c. %snd:"820425a"_1383495_1384012
%pho:	b��/ba:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	23:03
%com:	2.2 sec
*CHI:	eeat at c. %snd:"820425a"_1386214_1387277
%pho:	/i/i:t
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	23:03
%com:	potential SSWU but 2.2 sec intervene; very clear; 1 sec
*CHI:	eeat at c. %snd:"820425a"_1388329_1389374
%pho:	/i/i:tH
%spa:	$R
%tim:	23:08
%com:	3.6 sec
*FAT:	you sure were n(o)t very keen on it when I (.) put you in your
	highchair. %snd:"820425a"_1392956_1396417
%flo:	you /sure weren't very /keen on'it when I- /putcha in y'r /highchair
%tim:	23:12
%com:	fast
*FAT:	an(d) said you (.) would n(o)t eat any of it. %snd:"820425a"_1396411_1398797
%flo:	an' saidja- wouldn't eat /any of'it
%tim:	23:16
%com:	0.8 sec, loud bang
*FAT:	uhoh y(ou) all right ? %snd:"820425a"_1399691_1400562
%flo:	/ohoh y'al/right
%tim:	23:19
*FAT:	bumped your head .
%flo:	/bumped'chr /head
%tim:	23:20
%com:	5.4 sec, S makes a soft sound
*CHI:	haha at c . %snd:"820425a"_1406860_1408933
%pho:	/h��/h��/ha/ha
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	23:26
%com:	this may be a new expression; 4 sec, S moving softly
*FAT:	that what you say when you feel your way along the cabinets . %snd:"820425a"_1412808_1415115
%flo:	that what'cha /say when ya /feels y'r way along the /cab'nets
%tim:	23:32
%com:	22 sec: silence, birds, D sniffs
*CHI:	bmbm at c . %snd:"820425a"_1438287_1439425
%pho:	/bm/bm:
%spa:	$IV
%tim:	23:58
%com:	0.8 sec
*FAT:	bmbm at c . %snd:"820425a"_1440064_1441219
%flo:	/gm/gm
%tim:	24:00
%com:	echoing S; 2.6 sec
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1443668_1444178
%pho:	����
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	24:03
%com:	urgent
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1444205_1444559
%pho:	��i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	24:04
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1444814_1445191
%pho:	����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	24:04
%com:	excited
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1445458_1445865
%pho:	��i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	24:05
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1446033_1446399
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	24:06
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1446648_1447037
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	24:06
*CHI:	chih at c ! %snd:"820425a"_1447223_1447595
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	24:07
%com:	overlapped by D
*FAT:	d(o) you wan(t) Daddy pick you up. %snd:"820425a"_1447284_1448236
%flo:	d'ya'wan' /daddy pick ya /up
%tim:	24:07
%com:	pause
*FAT:	okay. %snd:"820425a"_1448428_1448817
%flo:	/okay
%tim:	24:08
*FAT:	I (wi)ll pick you up. %snd:"820425a"_1448852_1449531
%flo:	/I'll pick'ya /up
%tim:	24:08
%com:	pause
*FAT:	up you go . %snd:"820425a"_1449671_1450147
%flo:	/up'you  go
%tim:	24:09
*FAT:	up you go . %snd:"820425a"_1450298_1450866
%flo:	/up'ya  go
%tim:	24:10
%com:	overlapped by S
*CHI:	light . %snd:"820425a"_1450599_1450994
%pho:	la
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	24:10
*FAT:	byebye. %snd:"820425a"_1451116_1451453
%flo:	/byebye
%tim:	24:11
%com:	not clear
*FAT:	<oh you j(ust)> [/] Daddy jus(t) pick you up so you can see the
	light . %snd:"820425a"_1451476_1454094
%flo:	oh you j-  Daddy jus' /pick ya up so you c'n /see the /light
%tim:	24:11
%com:	talking fast, figuring out why S wants to be picked up
*FAT:	there it is . %snd:"820425a"_1454090_1454624
%flo:	/there it/is
%tim:	24:14
%com:	1.3 sec
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_1455878_1456203
%pho:	nu
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	24:15
%com:	pause
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_1456401_1456749
%pho:	no
%spa:	$R
%tim:	24:16
%com:	pause
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_1456854_1457109
%pho:	no
%spa:	$R
%tim:	24:16
%com:	pause
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_1457286_1457576
%pho:	n��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	24:17
%com:	pause
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_1457721_1458052
%pho:	n��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	24:17
*CHI:	no. %snd:"820425a"_1458215_1458459
%pho:	n��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	24:18
%com:	getting softer
*CHI:	no. %snd:"820425a"_1458720_1459039
%pho:	no
%spa:	$R
%tim:	24:18
%com:	pause
*CHI:	light. %snd:"820425a"_1459382_1460067
%pho:	/lat-��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	24:19
*FAT:	light. %snd:"820425a"_1460386_1460874
%flo:	latch
%tim:	24:20
%com:	echoing S, then S and D speak together
*FAT:	you know what . %snd:"820425a"_1461823_1462584
%flo:	you know /what
%tim:	24:21
%com:	overlap with S
*CHI:	xxx. %snd:"820425a"_1462003_1462624
%pho:	��i:
%spa:	$IV
%tim:	24:22
*FAT:	your diaper (i)s wet. %snd:"820425a"_1462891_1463646
%flo:	/your diaper's wet
%tim:	24:22
*FAT:	let (u)s go change. %snd:"820425a"_1463646_1464206
%flo:	/lets go /change
%tim:	24:23
*FAT:	okay ? %snd:"820425a"_1464571_1464937
%flo:	o/kay
%tim:	24:24
%com:	2 sec, D talks as he works
*FAT:	(u)s go in the bathroom closet ? %snd:"820425a"_1466969_1468316
%flo:	s'go in'the /bathroom closet
%tim:	24:26
%com:	clunk, 0.6 sec
*FAT:	get a diaper out ? %snd:"820425a"_1468863_1469771
%flo:	get'a /diaper /out
%tim:	24:28
%com:	5 sec, D moving around
*FAT:	we (wi)ll go back in the bedroom an(d) we (wi)ll change it. %snd:"820425a"_1474779_1476599
%flo:	we'll go /back in'the /bedroom an' we'll /change'it
%tim:	24:34
%com:	clunks, walking; 8 sec, then S makes a small laugh at 24:44
*FAT:	what (a)re you laughing about. %snd:"820425a"_1485266_1486085
%flo:	what're you /laughin' a/bout
%tim:	24:45
*FAT:	I (a)m not putting you down here to bounce you. %snd:"820425a"_1486166_1487576
%flo:	/I'm not putting ya /down here ta /bounce'you
%tim:	24:46
%com:	1 sec
*FAT:	(g)onna change your wet diaper. %snd:"820425a"_1488665_1489803
%flo:	unna /change y'r wet /diaper
%tim:	24:48
%com:	0.7 sec, clack
*FAT:	ready? %snd:"820425a"_1490639_1491057
%flo:	/ready
%tim:	24:50
%com:	1.4 sec
*CHI:	light. %snd:"820425a"_1492404_1493304
%pho:	/da-i-��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	24:52
%com:	overlapped by D
*FAT:	light light  okay . %snd:"820425a"_1493112_1494076
%flo:	light /light /okay
%tim:	24:53
%com:	0.7 sec; D sniffs
*FAT:	you wan(t) (t)o floppity at c ? %snd:"820425a"_1494772_1495446
%flo:	ya wanna /floppity
%tim:	24:54
%com:	0.6
*FAT:	ready? %snd:"820425a"_1496055_1496433
%flo:	/ready
%tim:	24:56
*FAT:	let (u)s floppity at c . %snd:"820425a"_1496617_1497186
%flo:	l't's /floppity
%tim:	24:56
*FAT:	smiling. %snd:"820425a"_1497494_1498005
%flo:	/smilin'
%tim:	24:57
*FAT:	floppity at c . %snd:"820425a"_1498011_1500292
%flo:	/floppity/floppity/floppity /floppity /floppity /floppity
%tim:	24:58
%com:	fast, shaking S up and down so his penis flops
*FAT:	okay. %snd:"820425a"_1500298_1500704
%flo:	/okay
%tim:	25:00
%com:	1.6 sec
*CHI:	okay. %snd:"820425a"_1502222_1503215
%pho:	u/ki:-i
%spa:	$IM
%tim:	25:02
*FAT:	okay . %snd:"820425a"_1503169_1504121
%flo:	uw/ka-ay
%tim:	25:03
%com:	echos S; 1.4 sec, rustle, sniff
*CHI:	ntuu at c ? %snd:"820425a"_1505331_1506416
%pho:	n/tu-u
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	25:05
%com:	wants to get down
*FAT:	ntuu at c. %snd:"820425a"_1506423_1507288
%flo:	n/tu-u
%tim:	25:06
%com:	falsetto, imitating S; 0.6 sec
*FAT:	wait . %snd:"820425a"_1507985_1508287
%tim:	25:07
*FAT:	till Daddy gets your diaper on . %snd:"820425a"_1508310_1509471
%flo:	 till daddy gets y'r /diaper on
%tim:	25:08
*FAT:	then you can . %snd:"820425a"_1509488_1510139
%flo:	 /then'ya can
%tim:	25:09
%com:	5.7 sec, rustles and crackles
*FAT:	good old disposable diapers. %snd:"820425a"_1515679_1517084
%flo:	/good old dis/posable /diapers
%tim:	25:15
%com:	whispering; 14.8 sec, rustles
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1531862_1532277
%pho:	����
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	25:31
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1532428_1532706
%pho:	����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:32
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1533008_1533397
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:33
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1533560_1533890
%pho:	��i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:33
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1534128_1534436
%pho:	��i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:34
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1534744_1535080
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:34
*FAT:	d(o) you wan(t) (t)o get up there an(d) bounce? %snd:"820425a"_1535237_1536567
%flo:	d'you wanna /get'up there an' /bounce
%tim:	25:35
%com:	overlapped by S
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1535533_1535853
%pho:	����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:35
*FAT:	you (a)re already up on the bed. %snd:"820425a"_1536572_1537582
%flo:	you're already /up on'the /bed
%tim:	25:36
*FAT:	d(o) you want to bounce . %snd:"820425a"_1537576_1538232
%flo:	dyu wanna /bounce
%tim:	25:37
%com:	0.9 sec
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1538151_1538406
%pho:	��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:38
%com:	softer
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1539202_1539440
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:39
%com:	overlapped by D
*FAT:	you gonna have to bounce by yourself. %snd:"820425a"_1539672_1540873
%flo:	you gonna hafta /bounce by your/self
%tim:	25:39
%com:	fast
*FAT:	Daddy (i)s tired o(f) bouncin(g) . %snd:"820425a"_1540867_1541923
%flo:	/daddy's /tired'a /bouncin'
%tim:	25:40
%com:	1.9 sec, evidently S is bouncing himself
*FAT:	good ! %snd:"820425a"_1543821_1544146
%tim:	25:43
*FAT:	good bouncin(g). %snd:"820425a"_1544151_1544831
%flo:	/good bouncin'
%tim:	25:44
*FAT:	that (i)s real good ! %snd:"820425a"_1544819_1545620
%flo:	/that's real /good
%tim:	25:44
%com:	encouraging tone, sotto voce
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1546056_1546462
%pho:	����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:46
%com:	excited
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1546669_1546982
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:46
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1547238_1547505
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:47
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1547806_1548120
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:47
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1548462_1548787
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:48
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1549095_1549432
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:49
%com:	getting softer
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1549693_1550123
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:49
%com:	meekly
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1550297_1550604
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:50
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1550918_1551243
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:50
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1551574_1551963
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:51
%com:	4.5 sec, rustles
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1556687_1557035
%pho:	����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:56
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1557291_1557691
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	25:57
%com:	1 sec
*CHI:	ntuu at c. %snd:"820425a"_1558665_1559641
%pho:	n/tu-u
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	25:58
%com:	2 sec, then S hoots; creaky voice, 3.7 sec
*FAT:	what (a)re you hooting for . %snd:"820425a"_1564941_1565893
%flo:	/what're you /hooting for
%tim:	26:04
*FAT:	come an(d) grab Daddy's shoulder ? %snd:"820425a"_1566450_1567611
%flo:	come an' /grab daddy's /shoulder
%tim:	26:06
%com:	0.8 sec
*FAT:	you want down . %snd:"820425a"_1568406_1568998
%flo:	you want /down
%tim:	26:08
%com:	0.7 sec
*FAT:	you want bounce. %snd:"820425a"_1569602_1570328
%flo:	you want /bounce
%tim:	26:09
%com:	overlaapped by S
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_1569683_1569933
%pho:	/n��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	26:09
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_1570304_1570606
%pho:	/n��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	26:10
%com:	3.9 sec
*FAT:	you bouncin(g) by yourself. %snd:"820425a"_1574902_1575870
%flo:	chu /bouncin' by y'r/self
%tim:	26:14
*FAT:	that (i)s pretty good bouncin(g). %snd:"820425a"_1575911_1577008
%flo:	/that's pretty good /bouncin'
%tim:	26:15
%com:	sotto voce; 0.9 sec
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1577866_1578208
%pho:	����
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	26:17
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1578539_1578963
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	26:18
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1579178_1579509
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	26:19
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1579729_1580025
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	26:19
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1580356_1580786
%pho:	��i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	26:20
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1580989_1581331
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	26:20
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1581488_1581900
%pho:	����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	26:21
%com:	getting softer; 9.4 sec silence, rustles
*FAT:	d(id) you toot at c . %snd:"820425a"_1591345_1592065
%flo:	dju /toot
%tim:	26:31
%com:	6 sec, silence, S laughs, silence
*CHI:	toot at c. %snd:"820425a"_1598150_1598527
%pho:	����
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	26:37
%com:	3 sec
*CHI:	Buddy. %snd:"820425a"_1601578_1602269
%pho:	/ba-y��:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	26:41
%com:	very loud; 0.9 sec
*CHI:	Buddy. %snd:"820425a"_1603175_1603767
%pho:	/ba-yi
%spa:	$R
%tim:	26:43
%com:	softer; 2 sec
*CHI:	Buddy. %snd:"820425a"_1605721_1606464
%pho:	/ba-yi
%spa:	$R
%tim:	26:45
*FAT:	you sayin(g) Buddy . %snd:"820425a"_1606452_1607416
%flo:	you sayin' /buddy
%tim:	26:46
%com:	4.2 sec
*CHI:	Buddy. %snd:"820425a"_1611641_1612500
%pho:	/ba-yi
%spa:	$R
%tim:	26:51
%com:	loud; 0.7 sec
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1613238_1613662
%pho:	����
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	26:53
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1613651_1614086
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	26:53
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1614196_1614585
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	26:54
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1614893_1615201
%pho:	����
%spa:	$R
%tim:	26:54
%com:	overlapped by D imitating S, falsetto
*FAT:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1614237_1614899
%flo:	m/chi
%tim:	26:54
*FAT:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1615055_1615340
%flo:	tsi
%tim:	26:55
*FAT:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1615456_1615804
%flo:	��i
%tim:	26:55
*FAT:	oh, put your arms aroun(d) Daddy's neck . %snd:"820425a"_1615792_1617417
%flo:	/oh: putchr arms aroun' daddy's /neck
%tim:	26:55
*FAT:	come on. %snd:"820425a"_1617420_1617803
%flo:	/come on
%tim:	26:57
%com:	5.9 sec silence, rustles
*CHI:	chip at c. %snd:"820425a"_1623765_1624526
%pho:	����p
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	27:03
%com:	1.6 sec
*CHI:	ntuu at c ? %snd:"820425a"_1626095_1627099
%pho:	n/tu-u
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	27:06
*FAT:	you want down? %snd:"820425a"_1627314_1628040
%flo:	you want /down
%tim:	27:07
%com:	2.7 sec
*FAT:	say didldow at c . %snd:"820425a"_1630715_1631632
%flo:	/say /doodledoodle/doo
%spa:	$SAY
%tim:	27:10
%com:	3.2 sec
*FAT:	can you say didldow at c ? %snd:"820425a"_1634874_1635687
%flo:	c'n 'you say /doodle/doo
%spa:	$SAY
%tim:	27:14
%com:	0.7 sec
*CHI:	ntuu at c ? %snd:"820425a"_1636072_1637024
%pho:	n/tu-u
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	27:16
*FAT:	you want down? %snd:"820425a"_1637024_1637657
%flo:	you want /down
%tim:	27:17
*FAT:	okay. %snd:"820425a"_1637639_1638005
%flo:	o/kay
%tim:	27:17
%com:	3.1 sec rustles
*FAT:	no deals . %snd:"820425a"_1641145_1641777
%flo:	no /deals
%tim:	27:21
%com:	2.5 sec
*CHI:	shoe [?] . %snd:"820425a"_1644244_1645428
%pho:	/��u-u-u
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	27:24
%com:	1.1 sec
*CHI:	shoe [?] . %snd:"820425a"_1646609_1647375
%pho:	/��u-u
%spa:	$R
%tim:	27:26
%com:	1 sec
*FAT:	<put that diaper> [/] put that cloth in the clothes basket . %snd:"820425a"_1648374_1651421
%flo:	put that /diaper- /put that /cloth in the /cloze basket
%tim:	27:28
%com:	speaking clearly, testing S's comprehension
*FAT:	would you? %snd:"820425a"_1651415_1651758
%flo:	/wouldja
%tim:	27:31
%com:	1.2 sec
*FAT:	cloth (i)s about two feet away ? %snd:"820425a"_1653011_1654329
%flo:	/cloth's about /two feet a/way
%tim:	27:33
%com:	to tape; 9.7 sec, rustles
*FAT:	it (i)s a long struggle ? %snd:"820425a"_1664058_1665387
%flo:	its a /lo:ng /struggle
%tim:	27:44
%com:	eventcasting for tape
*FAT:	but we got it finally all stuffed in the clothes basket . %snd:"820425a"_1665753_1668278
%flo:	but we /got'it- fine'ly /all stuffed in'the /cloze basket
%tim:	27:45
%com:	5 sec, D sniffs, soft thud
*CHI:	shoe [?] . %snd:"820425a"_1673377_1674364
%pho:	/��u-u
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	27:53
%com:	4.5 sec, silence, then S starts to crawl
*FAT:	Weener ? %snd:"820425a"_1678966_1679529
%flo:	/weener
%tim:	27:58
%com:	2 sec, rustle and clunk
*FAT:	throw Daddy's shoe . %snd:"820425a"_1681448_1682453
%flo:	 /throw daddy's /shoe
%tim:	28:01
%com:	1.1 sec
*CHI:	shoe. %snd:"820425a"_1683586_1684317
%pho:	/��u:-u
%spa:	$R $IM
%tim:	28:08
%com:	1.6 sec
*CHI:	shoe. %snd:"820425a"_1685751_1686564
%pho:	/��u:-u
%spa:	$R $IM
%tim:	28:05
%com:	3.8 sec: silence, then S starts to fuss
*FAT:	throw Daddy's shoe. %snd:"820425a"_1690393_1691392
%flo:	/throw daddy's /shoe
%tim:	28:10
%com:	4.5 sec, then they speak together
*CHI:	a at fs shoe ? %snd:"820425a"_1695956_1696694
%pho:	��~ /����
%spa:	$R $IM
%tim:	28:15
*FAT:	I wan(t) put it out in front of you . %snd:"820425a"_1695974_1697109
%flo:	I wan' put'it out in /front'of ya
%tim:	28:15
*FAT:	an(d) you just can n(o)t see it because you do n(o)t know where it
	is . %snd:"820425a"_1697141_1698952
%flo:	an' you just can't /see'it because you don't know where'it /is
%tim:	28:17
%com:	fading away; 1.1 sec
*FAT:	you (wi)ll find it in a minute . %snd:"820425a"_1699764_1700931
%flo:	you'll /find'it in'a /minute
%tim:	28:19
%com:	very soft; 0.7 sec
*FAT:	I (wi)ll bang it over here . %snd:"820425a"_1701291_1702185
%flo:	I'll /bang'it it over /here
%tim:	28:21
%com:	effort in his voice
*FAT:	you xxx now . %snd:"820425a"_1702214_1702769
%flo:	/you s now
%tim:	28:22
%com:	effort in his voice; partly obscured by thump of shoe
*FAT:	throw Daddy/s shoe . %snd:"820425a"_1703345_1704012
%flo:	/throw /daddy's shoe
%tim:	28:23
%com:	sloppily; 5.4 sec silence, crawling, double clunk, then they speak
*CHI:	nuuw at c. %snd:"820425a"_1709530_1710378
%pho:	/nu-u
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	28:29
*FAT:	good for you. %snd:"820425a"_1709641_1710367
%flo:	/good f'r /you
%tim:	28:29
*FAT:	you went an(d) got it. %snd:"820425a"_1710369_1711147
%flo:	you /went'an' /got'it
%tim:	28:30
*FAT:	an(d) you threw it. %snd:"820425a"_1711147_1711687
%flo:	an' you /threw'it
%tim:	28:31
*FAT:	once you knew where it was. %snd:"820425a"_1711670_1712697
%flo:	/once you knew where'it /was
%tim:	28:31
*FAT:	good for you. %snd:"820425a"_1712691_1713318
%flo:	/good f'r you
%tim:	28:32
%com:	19 sec: S crawls, bangs things, coos , D sniffs
*FAT:	jus(t) pullin(g) up an(d) walkin(g) along the counters . %snd:"820425a"_1732180_1733649
%flo:	jus' /pullin'up an' /walkin' along the /coun'ers
%tim:	28:52
%com:	fast, to tape
*FAT:	come le(t) (u)s walk feet . %snd:"820425a"_1733649_1734433
%flo:	/come le's walk/feet
%tim:	28:53
%com:	fast; walk-feet is a form D made up
*FAT:	come walk feet with Daddy. %snd:"820425a"_1734967_1735791
%flo:	/come walk/feet with /daddy
%tim:	28:54
*FAT:	come on. %snd:"820425a"_1735797_1736139
%flo:	/come'on
%tim:	28:55
%com:	0.8 sec
*FAT:	stand up there an(d) walk feet . %snd:"820425a"_1736853_1737858
%flo:	/stand'up there an' walk/feet
%tim:	28:56
%com:	sotto voce
*FAT:	come on. %snd:"820425a"_1737922_1738224
%flo:	/come'on
%tim:	28:57
%com:	sotto voce; 1.7 sec, D sniffs
*FAT:	holdin(g) onto one hand. %snd:"820425a"_1739943_1741063
%flo:	/holdin' /onta /one hand
%tim:	28:59
*FAT:	good for you. %snd:"820425a"_1741214_1741725
%flo:	/good f'r you
%tim:	29:01
*FAT:	you walk so well ? %snd:"820425a"_1741777_1742549
%flo:	you walk /so well
%tim:	29:01
%com:	overlapped by S
*CHI:	no ? %snd:"820425a"_1742073_1742305
%pho:	n��
%spa:	$IV
%tim:	29:02
*FAT:	come on. %snd:"820425a"_1742589_1742856
%flo:	/come'on
%tim:	29:02
*FAT:	walk feet with me some more. %snd:"820425a"_1742845_1743901
%flo:	walk/feet with me so/more
%tim:	29:02
%com:	3 sec, steps
*FAT:	here we are. %snd:"820425a"_1746884_1747360
%flo:	/here we /are
%tim:	29:06
*FAT:	over by the sofa . %snd:"820425a"_1747366_1748080
%flo:	over by'the /sofa
%tim:	29:07
%com:	fast; overlap with S
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1748175_1748477
%pho:	/t��
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	29:08
*CHI:	chih at c. %snd:"820425a"_1748883_1749028
%pho:	t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	29:08
%com:	very soft
*CHI:	chih at c? %snd:"820425a"_1749504_1749684
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	29:09
%com:	they overlap
*FAT:	climb up on the sofa all by yourself ? %snd:"820425a"_1750125_1751640
%flo:	/climb'up on'the /sofa /all by y'r/self
%tim:	29:10
*CHI:	chih at c? %snd:"820425a"_1750311_1750590
%pho:	ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	29:10
*FAT:	good. %snd:"820425a"_1751838_1752151
%tim:	29:11
%com:	1.8 sec silence
*CHI:	ntuu at c. %snd:"820425a"_1753949_1754959
%pho:	��n/tu:-u
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	29:13
*FAT:	an(d) down ? %snd:"820425a"_1755122_1755784
%flo:	an'/down
%tim:	29:15
%com:	0.5 sec
*FAT:	down is harder than up. %snd:"820425a"_1756445_1757409
%flo:	/down is /harder than /up
%tim:	29:17
%com:	7 sec, silence; D sniffs, crackle
*FAT:	big pillows. %snd:"820425a"_1764539_1765266
%flo:	/big /pillas
%tim:	29:24
%com:	1 sec
*CHI:	a at fs pillow [?] ? %snd:"820425a"_1766368_1767169
%pho:	��~ /pu:-u
%spa:	$IM
%tim:	29:26
%com:	0.8 sec
*FAT:	yes. %snd:"820425a"_1768171_1768641
%flo:	/yeah
%tim:	29:28
%com:	3 sec, sounds like S is jumping or bouncing, then they speak together
*CHI:	ninight at c . %snd:"820425a"_1771631_1772485
%pho:	/n��/nay
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	29:31
%com:	overlap with D
*FAT:	big [/] big pillows to xxx for company . %snd:"820425a"_1771637_1774824
%flo:	/big- /big pillas ta /dedlaz f'r /company
%tim:	29:31
%com:	uninterpretable; 4 sec rustles, click
*CHI:	xxx ? %snd:"820425a"_1778576_1779435
%pho:	d��hi/da
%spa:	$IV $GST
%tim:	29:38
%com:	gestalt? sounds like 'da hear dat'?
*CHI:	n at fs Teddy . %snd:"820425a"_1779748_1780753
%pho:	n t��/ti:
%spa:	$IV
%tim:	29:39
%com:	0.8 sec
*CHI:	babaa at c. %snd:"820425a"_1781557_1782364
%pho:	/baba:
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	29:41
%com:	1.3 sec, sniff
*CHI:	babaa at c. %snd:"820425a"_1783660_1784670
%pho:	ba/ba-a
%spa:	$R
%tim:	29:43
*FAT:	yes. %snd:"820425a"_1784664_1785151
%flo:	yeah
%tim:	29:44
%com:	1 sec
*FAT:	that (i)s your highchair. %snd:"820425a"_1786162_1787050
%flo:	that's y'r /highchair
%tim:	29:46
%com:	6.5 sec, silence, rustle, crawling
*FAT:	(i)t (i)s right in front o(f) the tv too, is n(o)t it . %snd:"820425a"_1793596_1795255
%flo:	't's /right in front'a'the /teevee /too /isnt it
%tim:	29:53
*CHI:	tv . %snd:"820425a"_1795508_1796390
%pho:	����/��i:
%spa:	$IM
%tim:	29:55
*FAT:	there (i)s the tv. %snd:"820425a"_1796740_1797848
%flo:	there's the /teevee
%tim:	29:56
%com:	overlapped by S
*CHI:	tv . %snd:"820425a"_1797291_1798214
%pho:	/����-t��
%spa:	$IM $R
%tim:	29:57
%com:	10.4 sec, rustles
*CHI:	tv . %snd:"820425a"_1808685_1809660
%pho:	/����/ti:
%spa:	$R
%tim:	30:08
%com:	6 sec, rustles
*CHI:	tv . %snd:"820425a"_1815573_1816734
%pho:	ti/��i:
%spa:	$R
%tim:	30:15
%com:	0.8 sec
*CHI:	tv . %snd:"820425a"_1817530_1818517
%pho:	��i/��i-i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	30:17
%com:	10 sec, rustles, sniff
*CHI:	tv . %snd:"820425a"_1828987_1830166
%pho:	����/��i-i
%spa:	$R
%tim:	30:28
%com:	1.3 sec, rattle
*CHI:	tv . %snd:"820425a"_1831449_1832476
%pho:	��i/��i:
%spa:	$R
%tim:	30:31
%com:	6.2 sec, silence, laugh at 30:37
*CHI:	babaa at c. %snd:"820425a"_1838773_1839818
%pho:	/baba-a
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	30:38
%com:	very loud; 0.7 sec, sniff
*CHI:	babaa at c. %snd:"820425a"_1840584_1841443
%pho:	/ba/ba-a
%spa:	$R
%tim:	30:40
%com:	loud; pause
*FAT:	jus(t) climbin(g) up on your highchair. %snd:"820425a"_1841861_1843220
%flo:	js /climbin' up'on'yr /highchair
%tim:	30:41
%com:	1.1 sec,
*CHI:	babaa at c. %snd:"820425a"_1844328_1845495
%pho:	/baba-a
%spa:	$R
%tim:	30:44
%com:	1 sec, sniff
*CHI:	babaa at c. %snd:"820425a"_1846458_1847241
%pho:	/baba-a
%spa:	$R
%tim:	30:46
%com:	2.4 sec, soft creaks of highchair
*CHI:	babaa at c. %snd:"820425a"_1849627_1850695
%pho:	ba/ba:
%spa:	$R
%tim:	30:49
%com:	2 sec
*CHI:	babaa at c. %snd:"820425a"_1852705_1853802
%pho:	ba/ba-a
%spa:	$R
%tim:	30:52
%com:	loud; 5.6 sec, rustles
*CHI:	bmbm at c . %snd:"820425a"_1859470_1860561
%pho:	/dn/dn:
%spa:	$IV
%tim:	30:59
%com:	3.5 sec
*CHI:	chih at c ? %snd:"820425a"_1864155_1864625
%pho:	/����
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	31:04
*CHI:	chih at c ? %snd:"820425a"_1864831_1865249
%pho:	/ti
%spa:	$R
%tim:	31:04
*CHI:	chih at c ? %snd:"820425a"_1865440_1865713
%pho:	/t��
%spa:	$R
%tim:	31:05
*CHI:	ninight at c . %snd:"820425a"_1865973_1866873
%pho:	/n��nay
%spa:	$SPONT
%tim:	31:05
*FAT:	ninight at c. %snd:"820425a"_1866867_1867366
%flo:	/ninight
%tim:	31:06
*FAT:	y(ou) (a)re right. %snd:"820425a"_1867378_1867767
%flo:	y're /right
%tim:	31:07
*FAT:	think foun(d) the pillow. %snd:"820425a"_1867819_1868789
%flo:	/think /foun'the /pilla
%tim:	31:07
*FAT:	foun(d) the big pillow again. %snd:"820425a"_1868794_1870153
%flo:	/foun'the /big pillow a/gain
%tim:	31:08
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