MLU bug

Brian MacWhinney macw at
Wed Sep 29 14:45:31 UTC 2010

Dear ChiBolts,

   Leonid says that the problem that Bobbi Corrigan discovered was not due to the change in the treatment of filled pauses, but to a bug in the older version of MLU.  In the older version, if you use the +t option to specify a particular speaker to run analyzes on, then the old version of mlu was computing MLU off the main speaker tier. By default, without the use of any +t option, the old version of MLU was working correctly and was counting on %mor tier.  So, the bug has been fixed, but it is a shame we didn't post a notice on this.
   However, it was also good to have a chance to explain the current treatment of filled pauses on the %mor line to bring them into proper accord with Brown's guidelines.

-- Brian MacW

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