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RSteinkrauss r.steinkrauss at
Thu Jun 23 13:20:18 UTC 2011


I have some questions regarding checking files in CLAN and would be
very happy if someone could help me. I am using the Win version from

1. If understood the manual correctly, English compounds should be
transcribed with a + sign. Also, plurals in compounds should be marked
with a dash-s. However, when i run CHECK on my transcript, a form such
as bird+house-s gives me an "undeclared suffix" error. Same with bird
+house-s at s if it is a codeswitch in an otherwise German text.

2. We would like to use some @-tags in our transcripts that are not
specified in the manual (such as @geo for place names, e.g.
Toronto at geo). I understand that this is not longer possible using a
depadd-file, so I wondered if the way to go is to change the

3. Assuming that this was indeed what should be done, I changed the
depfile.cut so that it would include the tags we need. After that,
CHECK worked fine (with the exception of the errors described in
question 1). However, if I now change the depadd.cut file again, CLAN
will not react to the changes. E.g., if I remove a previously allowed
@-tag such as @geo from my depadd.cut, CHECK will not complain when it
encounters that tag in a transcipt. Strangely, that behaviour persists
even after de- and reinstalling CLAN. I have set the lib path
correctly, to a folder containing my changed depadd.cut. Also after
changing the lib path back to the original depadd.cut that came /
installed with CLAN, CHECK still allows my own @-tags.

Does anyone have an idea how to go about this? Any feedback would be
greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance,

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