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Linda Mortensen lindamorten at
Wed Apr 11 10:13:02 UTC 2012

Dear list members,

I'm working on a set of Danish transcriptions. As part of this work, I have
created a new file in the Danish library, and in this file I'm entering all
the Danish words that were not already in the library. The problem is that
there are certain words that the dictionary fails to recognize. This is
despite that I have entered these words into the dictionary. The dictionary
contains, for instance,
the following two entries:
afdeling {[scat n]}
mad+afdeling {[scat n][comp n+n]}

But on the %mor line, both words appear with a question mark instead of
with a syntactic category specification.

The problem is not specific to compound words, as other compounds are
recognized, e.g.:
In dictionary file: tøjdyr {[scat n] [comp n+n]}
On %mor line: n|+n+n|tøjdyr

And among the words that are not recognized are also simple words, e.g.,
In dictionary file: ting {[scat n]}
On %mor line: ?|ting

I have checked whether there are tabs around the problematic words, but
this is not the case. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can
solve this problem?



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